Monday, March 31, 2008

Living Haphazardly

I've been steadily streaming toward a brick wall... the brick wall of Dissatisfaction. On Saturday, I hit it. I have been so dissatisfied with so many areas of my life for so long. I need discipline and organization. Can't I just snap my fingers and be changed?! That would be nice.
Sooo... in my quest for a more organized life, I've decided to take up blogging.
Blogging = Organized?
Hmmm... well, I hope so!

Some of the pros (from my point of view):

  1. I can jot down my thoughts at the end of the day.

  2. I can share my life with others

  3. I can share home school victories and gain insight from others

  4. I can share my jewelry designs and get my business more organized

  5. I will meet lots of like-minded and lovely people!

THE con:

  1. I may get addicted, enthralled, engrossed, absorbed, consumed with this new past-time!

Although there is only one con, it is a very large one! It is my main qualm. But I think I still want to have a go at blogging and I can always ditch it if it starts to take over my life.

I picked up the book, "Managers of Their Homes" last night (finally, after having it for almost a year!) and decided that I'm going to begin implementing a daily schedule. I NEED ONE! I think it will really help me keep my sanity and my daughters will also benefit from a feeling of order. My thinking on schedules directly imitated that of one of the Moms who wrote a testimonial for the book:

"I didn't think I could stick to a schedule. I didn't want to be rigid about everything; it seemed too stressful. But, this reaction was mostly motivated by a desire to NOT be totally accountable for my time. Or not wanting to set myself up for failure."

I read that and sighed, "Yes, you put the words to my feelings!"

So, no more living haphazardly for me. Onward I go into a more disciplined life! (help Jesus!)

~christa jean


DotBlogger said...

I feel so privileged at being your first commenter on your first post!

Good luck with your blog, good luck with your jewlery business and good luck with your leap of transformation.

Love ya.
Look forward to your postings!


Kismet said...

Welcome, welcome!

I hope you find an outlet here for all your thoughts and ponderings.


angelagarretson said...

Ok, I'll take the second place trophy.

I am excited for you Christa. It is so beneficial for woman to read that they have similar thoughts, challenges, and triumphs as other woman. I'm sure your blog site will not only bless you, but others as well.

Things Ang loves: I love the background, I love your book lists, and I love your 'Just Do it' attitude!

Love Ang

christa jean said...

Thank you for the warm welcome!