Monday, April 28, 2008

YOU in one word

I was in a group of people once, long ago, who were posed a question...

"What would you want to be remembered as, in one word." I may have changed the exact wording, maybe it was "What one word would you have define you..."
Well, whatever it was, when it came to be my turn to answer, I did not hesitate.
My answer was "Wise".

That question has haunted me throughout the years since then. I am not satisfied with my answer. I do value wisdom highly and I search and ask and long for it. I even made a chart of all the verses containing "Wise" and "Foolish" in the Proverbs... quite fascinating. Must finish that!
But, sometime in the last couple of years, I decided to change my answer.

If asked that again, I would most definitely answer "Loving".
Yes, and also "Gracious".
Those two words have become very important to me, maybe because I see a lack of those in myself. I would sure love to be thought of as wise, but that can maybe carry a hint of pride in it. I could be very wise and yet, not have love or grace toward others.

What would your answer be? Do tell!

~christa jean


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

If I was remembered by one word it'd probably be "honest"....

If it was one word I WANTED to be remembered as it'd be "accepting."

(not that I don't want to be honest, I just find that its a blessing and a curse, I have a hard time not being too honest!)

DotBlogger said...

I remember my answer was Loving and that holds true to this day. Where would we be without love?

Of course, where would we be without Wisdom and Grace and Honesty and Acceptance and all the fruits of the spirit ... the uniqueness of us all is what makes friendships and relationships thrive.

Tiffany said...

I'd like my one word to be sincerilovwisgraciouserosity. sin-ser-ih-lov-whys-gray-shus-er-oss-ity. Does that work?

Sustainable Juice said...

In different times of my life I would have answered different things. when I was young intern I probably would have said wisdom, because I did so many unwise things. Now it would Love

Brenna said...

Hard question, easy answer. REAL. I'd like to be remembered for being who I am all the time. For being real...