Sunday, June 1, 2008

Etsy is Cool!

See that cute little button on the side there?

Well, your supposed to be able to click it and it takes you to my Etsy (rhymes with "Betsy") shop! Hmmm, not working yet.

But, don't fret! If you scroll down, you'll see a sampling of what's in my shop ~ just a little peek ~ you can click on those and they actually work! From there you just click on "shop" and you'll see it all. All 9 items that is. Apparently, my computer and Etsy don't get along very well and that's why you will only see 9 items for sale.
It takes F O R E V E R to load a new piece, like, a day, no kidding. I just said the word "like".
So, let's see, if I want to load 30 items, it will take me 21 more days to do so. And I still have to figure out what my policies are going to be... sheesh, really, I've never written a business practice policy before.
I will be featuring Free Shipping for a while though, and we'll see how that goes!
So, that's the scoop!

~ christa jean

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DotBlogger said...

Woohoo! Movin' on up, girl!