Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goodbye it is!

What dork votes on her own poll? ME!!!
But I changed my vote and the majority speaks that they would rather have music be an option to be pleased by, if so opted for.

I really do like my music (of course, I'm biased) but I do turn off other's music when I'm jumping from blog to blog (mostly because I'm listening to my own, tee hee). So, it can be annoying when a song I don't particularly care for comes blaring at me, I'm more likely to just turn off my speakers.

Then again, I love when a blogger has a song that fits her post. That's what I often feel, that there is a special song for each weird thought in my head. My life is a musical. Hopefully not a tragedy... but a dramatic comedy as I learn to lighten up, release my burdens, enjoy who I am and the gifts which surround me.

That said, I probably will still change my tunes a bunch and if there is one song I reeeeeeeeeeeally want y'all to tickle your ears with, I'll let ya know! Sound alright?!

So, celebrate my quirky music style for one more day, if you would, and listen to today's ode to my music fading away.

~ christa jean

p.s. don't forget to join in the contest if you haven't already! it will end Friday evening.


Jenny Kay said...

Where is the option to turn it off? I can't seem to find it on here...

ames said...

Well I just saw this and didn't get to vote, but I like your music ..the "hymn" was great since I really liked it and hadn't heard it before. Personally, I usually listen to everyone's music while reading their blog. I find it to be part of them and what they're saying. But I do sometimes click ahead on the playlist to move on to the next song.
I will say though, I hated that Goodbye Goodnight song. So you are turning your whole thing off? Or you are leaving it there? The post wasn't totally clear since you said people wanted the option, but it was fading away.???

christa jean said...

Ha Ha, you hated it?! Well, it is kind of depressing, but had the word "Goodbye" in it. ;-D

I have changed my playlist to "Autostart~OFF", but as you can see, it is still lingering on the left there. Now, it will be the choice of the blogger. But, like I said, if I have a song that really fits the emotions of my post, I will holla!

p.s. I LOVE your music, Ames, so peaceful. I don't ever turn it off.

Jennifer P. said...

Christa Jean,
I so appreciate your sweet comment on my blog this morning. I agree with you whole-heartedly. It' s the hardest thing in the world for me to continue to pray for reconcilliation and to keep getting the answer "I can only help him change--I can't change him". I'll continue to put my will out there though. I have LOVED hearing other people's stories and words of wisdom though--please contact me any time: zbug1@msn.com

And, just for the record, I LOVE music on blogs. I know we "musicers" get a lot of guff, but i have discovered some GREAT songs via others' blogs. So--I say CRANK IT UP :)!

ALso, I saw your jewelry on Darcy's blog. GORGEOUS! Of course I entered :)!

All the best to you.
~Jennifer P.

Carla said...

Oh I totally love it when bloggers have music on their blog!! I dont really care if it is suddenly blasting into your ears or if it is optional to listen to.

Anyways I love some of the music on your playlist! Great taste!

I used to have music on my blog but I felt some people were judging me too much by the music I listen to. ANYWAYS, I am probably going to put up a music playlist on my again...someday