Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mother's Love, Friend's Love

My cousin sent this article to me a couple weeks ago and I thought it good enough to share with y'all! Click here to be transported, and if you're a mother, be happy to know that you are worth BIG bucks! According to the "Experts" ;-D
Don't worry, it's brief.
Thanks, Cuzn!

We, like friend S (bummer we didn't see ya!), picked a great day to tour the zoo. It was cold, the kids were extra-hyper and excited and it was a lot of walking for this tired momma. But it was a day full of fun! And friends. Friends are so theraputic... you don't even have to talk of "important" things, just being around someone who takes interest in your life, brings health and vitality.


How did they grow so darn fast?!

Joy was so excited about this excursion, she couldn't stop saying,

"We go choo choo train!"

A full day, a full heart. The kids are asleep and it's only 8:01. Wow!

~christa jean

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Kelli said...

Looks like you guys had a fun day at the Zoo!! The girls are getting so big!!!

Miss you guys!