Monday, June 30, 2008

Peace for the Journey

It seems like forever ago... and yet, in a flash, the time is gone, the wait is over. The awaited, anticipated daughters are in your arms as I write this, and will soon be in your home. You will begin your new life of love together, and yet your heart journey began the moment you laid eyes on those deep chocolate eyes and curly little heads.

Your journey has not been without it's brokeness, bumps and bruises, in fact, it has been downright agonizing at times. At times I have cried out, "Lord, are you listening?" But through it all, you have remained... His peace has sustained you, above all else.

You will forever be an inspiration to those who travel similar roads and need uplifting. You've been there, done that, cried those tears, prayed those prayers and came through to the end. Which is really, just the beginning.

I can think of no better mother than you, Jules, who is so up for the challenge that awaits you. You will woo your new daughters and win their hearts and glory in the day when they say those words, "I love you, Mommy"

You have always loved my children as if they were your own and have taught me how to love them better. Children look good on you.

My family is so blessed to have been intertwined with yours for the years we have walked together. We have witnessed your lives, and have been left with your imprint.

We rejoice with you now and pray for many more years of love (and silliness!) between us.

~ christa jean

p.s. head over to AbFab to view more info on their adoption!


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

CJC - what a beautiful tribute. She certainly is a wonderful woman and stellar mother. you are right, it is inspiring to watch this process.

I know that your friendship (for both of you) is a treasured like a precious jewel.

Liz said...

Oh you're KILLIN ME HERE!!!! Too, too, too, toooo much Mommy emotions happening!!! I need to go have a good cry! ARe they home yet?