Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yes, I've been busy!

Ahhhhhhh, weddings.
They are glorious to attend... but when you (and your children) are in them, they are kinda like a whirlwind that sucks you in and spits you out in a heap at the end.

The best part? Pamperation! Not sure that's a word, but, it'll do. The pampering fun started last Wednesday with my mom treating all the bridesmaids to manicures and pedicures. I haven't had a pedicure in waaaaaaaaay toooooooooo looooooong. It was wonderfully relaxing, especially after I turned off the massage chair that was pummeling my back to bits.

Blonde and Beautiful Sister. Her shirt even says "BRIDE" on it!

THE mom and other sis lovin' life. Even Nephy-poo is enjoying the action!
Hard to see me on the right, but I'm all smiles!

On Thursday, my lovely and generous mother again treated me and my sis (the two of us who are very white) to a "Venus Spa Tan" sorta like the Mystic Spray Tan only better. Supposedly.

The guy (why do guys work at tanning spas?) walked me through the steps, there were about 10, HELLO, and then left me to it. You must always keep your palms away from the spray, lest orangish-brown palms occur. You push the green button and grit your teeth because whatever man designed this revolutionary spa thought it might be funny for the spray to come out cold. It sprays your front, beeps, you pivot just slightly to the left on the red line and do an Egyptian pose (oh yeah, the song was running through me head, along with "this is so freakin' cold). Beeps again, pivot right, Egyptian pose. Beeps again, turn to the back, KEEP PALMS AWAY FROM SPRAY! Then the drying cycle commences, but it's not warm air by any means, oh no, that guy's still laughing. After drying , a moisturizer is sprayed on, then more drying. Whew, was I glad to get out of that stall of cold torture. But, then I look in the mirror and VOILA, I look tan! I chose the setting that gives you an instant bronzer, but then regretted it 'cause I looked kinda dirty and had to wash my face 3 times!

Friday, the day of, I got up too early thinking it was late and jumped in the shower because I still looked rather dirty. I just laughed and laughed at the bottoms of my feet which were dark brown. I attempted to dry my hair into an extra curly style, but later the wind whipped all the curls out while I was running around doing errands.

Running errands on the day of is not such a grand idea. I had to pick up my shoes from "Megen's Closet"(one of my favorite places to shop!), that was after buying 3 pairs and taking them back. I wanted to buy some sparkly hairspray for my girlies, that was $5.50 and didn't work when I tried it later. And lastly, I decided I should get some extra padding so my strapless dress wouldn't fall off, so ran over to Target quickly.
Quickly was the plan. I quickly bought a yummy pineapple-coconut smoothie and some popcorn to share with the girls and then quickly went to look at earrings as I still didn't have the perfect jewelry to wear. I quickly found the most perfect pearl stud earrings, and was thankful because they were the last pair. I quickly jetted around the store getting the other last minute items, and then... I heard the words... "Uh Oh, mommy, one fell out" "WHAT!" Oh, the dread, one of the pearls had magically, not on purpose, come loose and fallen out of the cart. I was seething in that aisle as I thought of how far I had come through the store and how hard it would be to retrace my steps. But retrace I did, 2 times, and I never did find that dumb pearl.

Oh well, all's well that ends well. It all came together beautifully in the end.
Our pastor spoke beautiful words about staying connected to Jesus together, for that is the only way to survive the difficulties that inevitably do come along. He also spoke of the forgiveness and redemptive power through Jesus we have to give to one another, because we will be faced with our spouses and our own weaknesses, flaws, and even sins. Good words to hear again and again.

The wedding party. I look like I'm trying out for Miss America in that pose.

I love ya, sis, and know that you will be in good hands because God's looking out for you. May you grow together in faith and love.

~christa jean


DotBlogger said...

Weddings are a beautiful thing.

I'm glad to see you don't look dirty in the photo (though hard to get a close up look) and I'm sure your earrings are lovely. :)

Your flowergirls are adorable.

Megen is blessed to have you as her older sister. She will glean much from you.

Brenna said...

You look beautiful!

Sunny said...

What a pretty blog....
At the moment I am @ the library as due to immune system don't have computer @ the moment....
I have started 2 new blogs one on poetry which I have been given by our LORD....while going thru thuis time...
I would value a comment if you care......
Today is in the upper 70's and low humidity which is great...
God bless your day.....

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Weddings are such exhausting fun! I LOVE your story about the quick trip to Target...(really an I think that is in the dictionary next to oxymoron...complete impossibility)

Feathering My Nest said...

How thoughtful of your mom. You all look like you were having a great time and making lots of memories. You and your sister got a lovely tan. That was pretty funny about how you got your tans. I would never guess that it would be cold. You look very pretty. I hope your sister will be very happy. Blessings, Kathi