Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn days, cozy nights

I couldn't help but notice all the fun and fallish decor happening around bloggy-town and like an insecure Jr. High girl, had to be in on the "in crowd" and do it too!
Thanks to Bren and Jules who gave me that extra nudge to make my home lovely and warm!

Come with me on a tour of my home!

The entryway table... before
The entry way table... after! Lit candles make all the difference!
My dining room table... kinda plain... the before.
The after!
After "the after" when I decided I wasn't totally in love with the first "after"!Fun and funky placemats from IKEA (vinyl is a must!)
Cool tiered thingy full of moss and birds eggs...
Now full of more sugared gourds!
Now here's where I need your help ladies! I love my mantel decor, but seashells and coral and sand just don't fit the season!
Here, you can see that I emptied most of the apothecary jars and started with pinecones, some $ Tree leaves and sticks... but, as soon as I took the pic, I ditched the sticks. They looked WRONG! I'm stuck! I will probably get some candy corns for one of the jars but what about the other 2?

Your input is desirable!
I've so enjoyed taking virtual tours of your homes, I hope you've enjoyed mine!
Happy, Cozy nights to you!
~christa jean
P.s. Pop on over to Deena's for more fun decor ideas!


SweetAnnee said...

I love what you did.!! Tis bright and colorful on the mantle.
I love natural decorations..and it's so CHEAP to go outside and bring in acorns and leaves and twigs..

Thank for signing up for the Autumn Open House Tour


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Candy Corn is a nice idea, and sweet too!

You could probably just grab some leaves from the yard for the hurricanes....

SuperDave said...

I reccommend skulls. Oh, wait, you have girls...wait for the boy. Boys can never have too many skulls, or Hot Wheels.

christa jean said...

Thanks Deena! I did want acorns but couldn't find enough outside so I went and bought some today. Cheating, I know!

Sarah, the candy corn idea is a dangerous idea. I'm thinking they won't even last til end of October!!!

SuperDave ~ I'm thinking no on the skulls, but definitely yes on the Hot Wheels or Legos. Sheesh, I step on enough of those things already and now I'll be adding more to our toy collection!

Kathi said...

Your fall decorations are so pretty. Kathi

The Everett Family said...

Someday can you will me the lighted wreath on your mantle? :)

littlethings1 said...

So enjoyed your tour !! I adore your tiered "thingy" !!! Your jars are wonderful ! One item I love for fall are those sweet little putka pods , they look like little tiny pumpkins. I had some but my daughter took them for her home !You could fill the jars & have some taller candles in them !! Have a blessed Autumn !!

Betzie said...

Love your before/after idea...and the sugared gourd was so neat.
Enjoy the fall!

Lynn said...

Everything looks wonderful! I enjoyed stopping by. I bet you have a busy house. Treasure these special days.....they pass too fast. Lynn

Kathy said...

Beautiful Fall Open House! I love your tiered thingy filled with pretty Fall items!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

I say accorns for one of the jars...Lovely home lovely fall decorations.
Thanks for sharing

LW said...

Love your fall look..
great idea to show before and after....