Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell Tiger

Today my daughter said a tearful farewell to her first pet, Tiger the Betta fish. Gracie received him as a gift from one of her favourite friends last December. He lived in our house for 1 year and was very cute. He was always happy to greet us when we came into the room and always seemed ravenous!Unfortunately, he became sick earlier this year in February when we lost our baby. He swam around in his gunk-filled tank for 5+ weeks, neglected and sad. He got fin rot, which made his pretty fins all jagged looking. But he survived! I cleaned him up, medicated him and his fins began growing back. He did well all year until just a few weeks ago... his little belly got fat and bloated and he started hanging out on the bottom of his tank. I tried the same medicine but to no avail.

Last night I saw him lying on the bottom and knew he was a goner. I went to bed dreading the thought of seeing my little girl experience loss. She cried for quite a while this morning, but then we put him in a pretty little box to bury him in. She is thankful that he is not sick anymore or in pain. She asked if fish go to heaven... well, I told her there were beautiful lakes there, so maybe! I am thankful that I don't have to clean out his bowl anymore, but I'm thinkin' little G is going to ask for a fish to replace Tiger and how will I be able to say no?! I won't.

Today was a farewell hair day as well.
See that beautiful long hair on my middle daughter, Squeaky the Kid? If you've ever heard her in real life you'll know why we call her that.

She's been begging me to cut it for a month now... I was dragging my feet but finally gave in today.

I'd say she looks rather sassy!

Look closely at those eyelashes. They sure didn't come from me!

I'm no hairstylist, but I can do layers. Okay, that's probably all I can do.



She's an expert at this pose.

I played it safe and didn't go as short as she showed me, but now I'm pondering cutting it even shorter. Hmmm.
~ christa jean


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

What a bittersweet memory to capture for G. Learning about death is such a part of life, and appreciating life.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE o's hair! you did a FANTASTIC job!

... wanna cut mine?

DotBlogger said...

Oh, poor Tiger. That was a fun day last December.

With O's face, she could have ANY hair cut, or heck, no hair at ALL and be the cutest kid on the west side of the planet.

Jenny said...

That haircut is adorable!

Jenny said...
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The Everett Family said...

She is such a cute girl! B is gonna want her hair like O's I am sure!

I am pretty sure you're gonna go into labor today :)

Sustainable Juice said...

I'm sure Olivia is going to have all the little girls wanting to cute their hair. Heck, I want to cut my hair after seeing how cute she is in it.

momajomma said...

Sorry for your fish, he lived a long time. Pets are fun, but require care and clean-up, sooo... wait til G is old enough to do the clean-up, then reward her with another. Love the haircut, hope it's easy to maintain. She is a cutie.

SuperDave said...

I am sorry for your loss. I hate losing pets. They become like family. Pets love, thats all they know.

And, WAY CUTE on the hair cut.