Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Important Brain Cells Really Do Die After Having Children.

In particular, after having four children.

I thought I'd amuse you with a humorous little tale that proves this phenomenon to be astoundingly true! ;-D

It was the first decision that started it all.
There I was, parked next to the gas pump, when I tried to hand my debit card to gas station man. Gas station man looks at me incredulously and states, "No, you have to pay inside... is that okay?" Not sure why he asked me that, but here I am, now thinking "Is that okay... "

My thoughts start to justify why it would be okay for me to get out of the car to pay inside. "I only have 2 kids with me... we just came from the doctor... we could get a treat for enduring the doctor visit... I never get to go out with just this child (it was her and the baby)... I've never bought a treat for this child by herself... it is lunch time... a snack would stave off her hunger... "
I look at gas station man and say "Yeah, okay."

I lug the baby carrier into the convenience store, with child in tow and we browse the aisles looking for a healthy snack. HA! A healthy snack is not to be found in a convenience store, so I settle on mini Pringles and orange juice. Up to the cashier man we go.

As I begin to take out my debit card, it comes into my memory that for the past 3 months I have not been able to recall my PIN. This hasn't ever proved to be too much of an issue, because of checks or husband's card or cash. It definitely was an annoyance though, and I did not want to be annoyed, nor bothered by a trip into the bank ~ how inconvienent! I slip the card back into my wallet and take out my credit card, which requires no functioning memory to use. Cashier man looks at me incredulously and states, "We only take cash or debit."

My heart begins to palpitate a little more fiercely now as it begins to sink in that I may be in for some trouble. I step timidly up to the card reader and swipe my card, silently praying, pleading, begging the four digits to come forth from my fingers. I enter in the code and see the words, "Please re-enter PIN". I re-swipe my card, palms sweating as the line behind me of customers grows longer. Again the forboding words... and re-swipe card... I'm searching my brain, certain that there is a 4 and a 6 and an 8 in the code somewhere. I finally mumble to cashier man that I can't remember my PIN, help those behind me while I stand to the side trying to recall it. Cashier man huffs and cancels my purchase.

I'm standing to the side demurely, trying my darndest to figure out a way of escape! I can't call husband, he doesn't know my PIN. I can't call the bank, they will not disclose a PIN over the phone. I can't use the ATM, I need my PIN to do that! A scene from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" comes to mind, you know the scene where Pee Wee has to work washing dishes because he couldn't pay up?
I'm starting to get agitated.

Cashier man says, "Are you ready?" I shuffle up to the counter, shoulders drooping and repeat the horrid scene from above. At this point, my darling little girl decides that she is really hungry and impatient and really wants the chips we are trying to buy. I quietly tell her we have to buy them first and that's what I'm doing dear... between gritted teeth. I step to the side again to allow the line behind me to disappear, with the intense wish that I could also disappear.

Cashier man gruffly calls for me again and I slouch up to the counter again. Repeat horrid scene again. Step to the side again.

At this point, I have no choice left but to cry. Yup, right there in the convenience store. I am sniffling, the whole works. I walk up to the counter again and try one last time. Nope. I look up at mean cashier man and say through my tears, "I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do." He pauses and says, "Well, I can charge it on your credit card but it will cost you an extra two dollars."

An extra two dollars? AN EXTRA TWO DOLLARS????!!!!!! I WILL pay an extra two dollars to save my dignity, if there is any left by now!
I didn't actually say that.

I rip the credit card out of my wallet, sign the receipt, and practically run out of the store. And can you guess what I did next?

I drove straightway to the bank.

Whew! It makes me laugh now, aheeheeheeheehuhuhooooohmyhead!

Here are some super cute pics of my tiny man. Today we celebrated his 3 month unbirthday!
Such a happy boy!

What a dapper fellow!
That mark on his lip is called a "capillary hemangioma".
It is supposed to fade by the time he is one. Here's hoping!
I love watching him sleep. He is especially cute when I swaddle him.
His swaddle is light green and it makes him look like a wriggling caterpillar with a human baby head!

This sister loves to hold him and even learned to change his diaper!

He has a love affair with his hands. He talks to them affectionately every day.


~christa jean


Pamela said...

Oh....dear!! My heart goes out to you dear one. I have been there many times myself. Yep...I would have cried, too!! Thanks for the pictures of your sweet little man. What a handsome guy!

The Everett Family said...

At least you didn't avoid the whole situation and run out of gas!
I am glad that in the end you have a new pin and a great story!

Amy Cate said...

I've been through similar catastrophies. You're not alone. :)
Also, I just TODAY saw on Jon&Kate+8 that one of their older two girls, Madi or Cara, had the exact same type of "blister" when she was a baby and it did disappear (but it might have been by two??). I never hear of the word, and then twice in one day "capillary hemangioma." How's that for a vocab word? :) Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of him sleeping!! THank you for that! :)

Jenny said...

I actually had to ask the bank to resend me my bank issued PIN. I couldn't use my card either!

How awful for you. I never go to gas stations like that anymore. Ever. I mean, really, every other station let's one pay from their car. Why not them?!

Tiffany said...

I am sure they are not dead dear. They just need ot be recharged -- and you don't need a PIN, heehee. Just lots of Omegas and rest, if you remember what that is:)

All of the babies I have known who have had that, including my niece who had a huge one, have had no sign of it as they have grown. And boy howdy, is he Kuh-Yute!

Mica said...

Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter Sunday ! Definitly kissable !! I have to get that package out to you....but I was adding a few things in.... thanks for bing so patient. Mica

Kathi said...

Oh you poor dear. I can relate to this soooo much. I didn't forget my PIN but I've been in somewhat helpless situations with four children in tow, and it's amazing I'm here to tell about it.

Your little boy is sooo cute as are all you sweet children.