Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not my day.

I saw this quote and I felt like shouting it out yesterday:

"Who are all these kids and why are they calling me Mom!!!"

I just wanted to go do my own thing.
Read my own book.
Make some jewelry.
Fix my hair before 2 in the afternoon.

I admit to my selfishness, sigh, and I woke up determined to feel differently today. We just finished making "Gooey Gunk" together. Too fun!
The girls have been playing with it for an hour now. Perfect chance for me to blog and not feel negligent!

It's all about attitude and perspective.
I want a selfless attitude, putting my family first. I always get blessed when I do that.
I want an eternal perspective, knowing this season with small children will fly by way too fast. This helps me to cherish them more and love them more deliberately.

Donning his Easter suit. So adorably handsome.

My beauties. My loves. My darlings.

It takes effort and thought and prayer to love deliberately, but it's so worth it.

~christa jean


Kathi said...

This is such a heartfelt honest post, and so dear. You are a good mother. Kathi

Brenna D. said...

Are all of them yours? :P

The Everett Family said...

I hear ya! Thursday's are my hardest day of the week. Monday's start off great but by Thursday afternoon things get a little hairy!

Jenny said...

It's not selfish to want some "Christa" time. It's okay to fully be yourself while fully being mom. Granted, you can't be one without the other, but you are not selfish to need some liberty. I say that if it will make you a better mother, take some time; away from the children and refresh yourself. Heck, Jesus did. He took time away from the hurting and lost and was in the desert for 40 whole days! You are permitted to take an hour or two a week and I don't care what Debi Pearl says about it. You are not a bad mother for needing a refreshing. So long as you do come back with a clean mind and eagerness to fully embrace your family.
If you need permission from another sister in Christ, you just got it from me.

Dave+Steph said...

what a hunk and three it, them, you-