Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

My youngest darling daughter turned 3 yesterday!!!

Pink is the color of the day.

She got a new swimsuit, or in her words, a "simmin'coolwado". Don't even ask me. She calls waterfalls "waddymountain". Yup.

We got to put her new swimsuit to use and she loved it!!!

Here is the cake that I slaved over. Yes, those are white chocolate shavings on the side. Alright, alright, the only thing I did was put raspberries and Starbursts on it. She specifically wanted Starbursts on her cake. Silly girl.

It was getting late and we started getting a little kooky.

After all that pampering and special treatment...

this little girl started to get, well, a little full of herself.

Bed time was welcome when it came.

What sweet memories.

Joy Sprinkles all around!


DotBlogger said...

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Dave+Steph said...

I really, really, really can't believe that she is 3. Seriously. I remember having your girls while you were in the hospital and bring you and Carter STARBUCKS...naturally! :) To weird to think...I am amazed, can't you tell? Love ya...

Jenny said...

I love birthdays. I think everyone should have one.