Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm still in shock...

Awestruck and amazed, I am (cue Yoda's chuckle).

Do you remember me telling you about the executive chair that retails new for $1500?

Do you remember that we only spent 15 dollars on it? Actually, we spent $10 on the chair and $3 on some shoe polish.

Here is a picture of her...

I decided this chair was a her because of her graceful lines, her supple leather, her comforting touch. It even looks as if she is curtsying. She is wearing upholstery tack jewelry all along her front and up her sides. She is one classy lady chair.

The first time you get a taste of true quality craftsmanship, you wish you could ditch the cheap chairs in an instant. We were so tempted to keep this chair, but we resisted.

So, ya wanna know what we sold her for? I know you do.

$250. Two hundred and fifty big ones.

It felt so wrong (when I think of how much we spent), but oh, so right!

That money was supposed to go into our "Emergency Fund", but unfortunately, we had some emergencies come up! I guess I should be saying fortunately we had that money. And fortunately, I have a grateful heart now, after my initial stinky "tude".

~christa jean