Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Has it been half a year already?!!

My my my, how time flies.
My little man is 6 months old now and I'm still shaking my head.

The many faces of Eliot...

I couldn't resist!
~christa jean


Jenny said...


DotBlogger said...

Christa, he looks JUST LIKE YOOOUUU!!!!

Cutie patooty.

The Everett Family said...

I think he looks like you too!
What a sweet addition to your family.

Amy Cate said...

Ohmigoodness!!! So adorable. awwwww.

Kieley said...

wow what a cutie! I love toothless baby smiles!

Youthful One said...

That face IS irresistible!!!!!!

And I knew he looked familiar - he DOES look like you!

What a WONDERFUL little man!

SuperDave said...

Enjoy every second. At age 6, your kids home life is 1/3 over. At age 9, 1/2 over. Take pictures, and love fiercely.

Melvin said...
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