Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Always Clear

I received the most adorable little postcard the other day from a dear, dear friend.
I think getting mail is my most favourite thing ever {hint, hint ;-D}!

{sweet and delicate}

Here is what it said:

"There is singing up in Heaven
Such as we have never known,
Where the angels sing the praises
Of the Lamb upon the throne.
Their sweet harps are ever tuneful,
And their voices always clear,
O that we might be more like them,
While we serve the Master here."


Great poems have been born in the midst of loss.

I have never seen poetry fly from my fingers like it has of late.
Hopefully I can finish some of them and post them here.


p.s. I couldn't get the picture of the postcard to enlarge for some reason... but it's one of the many sweet designs from "Belle and Boo".

When at last we see His face,
All our pain will be erased.

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