Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

This little girl is made of those things!

She has the sunshiniest dimples. She craves lollipops. She gets super excited about pretty things like rainbows and tutus and PINK!

She also has a super stubborn side. I decided long ago that I would be more stubborn, and often that causes conflict for this little one. But it's all apart of the learning. I do not want her to grow up to be an out-of-control, self-serving adult, so we work diligently to train up this child in the way she should go. God help us!

I wonder at what God has in store for her.

Often I will find her just sitting by the cd player engrossed in some Jesus music. Often I hear her singing herself to sleep, words that are sweet and full of life. Often I see her standing in front of a mirror speaking to "everybody" like she's in front of an audience.

She dances will full abandon, arms raised to the sky.

She cares deeply when someone has gotten hurt and she will nurse them and pray for them. Funny, just as I typed that, I recalled that her absolute favourite book used to be "Nurse Nancy".

And so I pray for her daily. That she would truly become the woman God planned for her to be. That rebellion and self-centeredness would not be her master. That I would be the mother I need to be. That she would know how deeply she is loved.

Happy 4th Birthday to my Joy Joy!



The Everett Family said...

As I sit here, Ella next to me see's Joy's picture and say's "Oh, my favorite friend!" Happy Birthday to you Joy. Ella is singing it to you now :) "I love you" too.

Leah said...

So cute! I just found out that you are blogging again and so excited to see how your doing! What a precious babe you have!

DotBlogger said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Birthday!