Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The seasons change and so do we.

If you haven't totally given up on me yet, and still come peeking by to see where I've gone, I thank you! Maybe I'll try to summarize what my life has consisted of in the last two months... or just leave you guessing, ha ha ha. ;-D

I'm gonna try to ease back in, real slow-like, starting with this light and fluffy post!

Do you receive the Pottery Barn catalogue? I do! I hardly ever shop there, and I don't always LOVE their style, but I do draw inspiration from their pages. Especially whenst flipping the pages whilst sipping a cup of tea.
I took this picture (flip to pages 8-9 in the online catalogue) and tried to re-create it for our own table.
Well, all my beautiful apothecary jars are packed away still, but...

Here is our version...

This is a super fun project to do with the kiddos! We gathered up as many pretty and unique leaves and acorns and pinecones and moss and... you get the point, that we could find. Then rounded up lots of random shaped jars and candle votives (and even some mini juice glasses) and anything else that looked intriguing!

Then we used a simple glue stick to affix the leaves to the jars. When lit, they really glow! The only down side is that the leaves crinkle up and dry out with all that heat.

Sweet and easy and a chance to spend time tying heart strings.

Don't make the mistake of being too perfectionistic about crooked leaves or too much glue and such. That just sucks the joy right out of this project. Believe me, I know.
But thankfully, I caught myself before my kids all ditched me and left me to do it alone!
Happy Fall!
~christa jean


Janelle said...

Very pretty and looks like fun! The pictures are lovely too! I love the fall glowing colors! Are you using tea lights or votives?

christa jean said...

Janelle! I used tea lights because I have a huge package that I bought from IKEA. They only last a few hours, but they don't leave wax everywhere either!

I really want to get some cinnamon or other spice scents. Mmmm, yummy!

Tiffany said...

Of course I have not left you behind -- you are in my reader. So when you do post, I know about it:) Beautiful. You are so good at this kind of thing and so creative. I love the natural elements you used!

Kathi said...

You've inspired me Christa! They are lovely. Kathi