Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dreaming of Decor...

My hubby and I recently went to our favourite beach for a few days. One of the reasons we love the quaint town of Cannon Beach is that it holds so many fond memories for us. Another reason is a sweet shop named "Sesame and Lilies" which never disappoints. There are rooms full of beautiful and unique household decor and furniture and just when you thought you had got to the last room, you'd find another nook full of pretties. Here are a few of the items that inspired me...

{This armoir was filled with things old and new and I loved the distressed look of it.}

{Here's me taking in the serene surroundings.
Of course, I would have a pillow with birds on it in my clutches.}

{A closer view of the ottoman covered in fabric inspired by vintage french flour sacks.}

{I want.}

{I want this too, minus the crows.}

{This was the coolest table in the whole shop and I know I can make monogrammed stools like that! Give me some fabric paint, a template, and voila!}

{A closer view of the table legs.}

{LOVE the mirror.}

{I even liked this shabby farm table.
Pair it with some wing back chairs and maybe a glitzy chandelier.

When the decorating itch takes over me, I am compelled to do something, anything. So, I help decorate our church. Here is what we put up after Christmas. Thank you, IKEA (and Carter). If you look closely you can see curly, white twigs between each panel.

{ With lights!}

{Homemade lighted panel in the stairwell. The light fixtures are on my list to "help" with too.}

{The far wall. That black border around the sign? Duct tape. Yup. We have a budget ya know! And, I did not do the lettering by hand without a little cheating with an overhead projector.}

{Oh, what I could have done with this beauty with some paint and glaze! But they wanted $150 for it. WHATEVER!}

{And here's me again, strolling down the lane...
Okay, just dreaming. ;-D}



The Everett Family said...

You have so many talents! Glad you are getting to use them in your church where it can be enjoyed by many.

Anonymous said...

I love to see posts from you, you are such a talented writer. It is one of the many gifts God has blessed you with.