Friday, May 20, 2011

A Milestone.

We celebrated the five year mark with this bundle of Joy this week.

The crown stayed on all day, and the next day, and the next...She requested ice cream cone cupcakes, same as last year. Although, last year I cheated and shoved store bought cupcakes in the tops of the cones. This time, I actually baked them (do follow the instructions when they say only fill 3/4 way full if you don't want them to volcano all over the sides), with a hidden surprise in the bottom. Only, the hidden surprise melted into a chunk of goo at the bottom of the cone. Oh well, it was still tasty! Nerds were the choice of topping, with strawberry frosting, lemon cake and colored cones. So demanding, I tell ya!

The other request was Chuck E. Cheese. Not my favourite past time, nevertheless, we went on a night that was not busy and had a lovely time with cousins and friends.

Sweets for the sweet!

Happy Birthday Joy Sprinkles!

~christa jean

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Anonymous said...

That Tuesday was so busy, when did you have time to make cupcakes in cones??? I am impressed.