Thursday, July 7, 2011


We have lived in our new house now for just over a month. In that span of time I've unloaded millions of boxes (more like 160 or something), while filling up more boxes for a G-sale. I've found that I kept too much stuff. Time to simplify!

I've also painted four rooms (with help!), ironed seven sets of curtains, organized (and re-organized) twenty kitchen drawers.

I have probably had a dozen meltdowns, mainly because, my house is in process.

Seems to be a sloooooow process.
Isn't that just like us? We are being changed from "glory to glory", only, I seem to be so impatient. I want it done NOW!

Take a tour with me through some of our house "process" and help me say "NO" to perfectionism.
Sweet little hutch we found on Craigslist. With my dishes here, I have more room for food in the kitchen! I have plans to paint the backdrop behind the dishes to make them pop. Gee, maybe that will happen by December.

This is the wall directly facing the front door. It's all jumbled right now, but once the mirror is hung, it will feel more put together. I'm thinkin' I will paint that table a funky color, like coral!

This is probably the first thing you see when you enter the house. I LOVE it, but haven't quite figured out how to arrange all the "tchotkes" or "neeners" or "knick knacks", whatevah you call 'em. I like that this gives the illusion of an entry way so that we don't just walk into the living room furniture.

Aaaannnnnd, then, there is the other area that you see when you walk through the door. These are the "last stand" of boxes. They were all hiding in the office/guest room/drum room, but we painted that room over the weekend and decided to put them right where I would pull my hair out every time I walked by. It's been working! The pile is half that now and, hey, I still have my hair.

I am fond of quaint conversation nooks. This is directly behind the cube shelf in our faux entry way. The fur is only temporary. I just draped them over the chairs because, dagnabit! I'm tired of them. They remind me of denim blue. If they don't sell on Craigs, they are going in the G-sale!

Not sure what to do with this corner and the beautiful antique, albeit, sad looking rocking chair. I soooooo wanna re-upholster it! But, I DO NOT want to attempt it on my own. I have some fabric I already like, if I could just find someone to do it for me, for, say $100. That would be stellar!

This funky little love seat was scored down in OR at the G.W. for a whopping 10 bucks! Not the most comfortable seat, but sassy all the same.

The lighting is off in this pic, but as you can see I have more blue "denim" in my living room than is acceptable. Although, I do still love the bones on this couch. I aim to keep it for as long as I can and just keep adding different pillows when the mood hits me. Hey, when the pillows are only 5 bucks (the blue ones), I think I can handle that!

Again, stinky lighting, but I'm trying to show you the panel curtains (which are only partly done) from IKEA.

Oh, so sweet garden stool, where to put you?!

I didn't take a picture of the whole living room because there were books and boxes still around. Drat, perfectionism! I loathe thee! But, you would be proud of me, I've actually had quite a few guests over, even in what feels to me to be barely organized chaos. That's progress, people!

Vintage inspired canisters that were super cheap at Tuesday Morning. I adore the crystalline blue soap that I found at fancy WINCO.

I think I like birds. They tend to pop up here and there in my house.

Hubby talked me into the curved shower curtain rods and I really love the look. They give you more arm room too! Towels scored on clearance at Tarjay.

And then there's me... trying so hard to figure out where to look that my eyes are going buggy and my smile is forced. Ah well, THIS is how big I am.

I'm supposed to just get bigger they say.

Two more months.

Now, if I could just get the baby room done!

~ christa jean


The Everett Family said...

Oh so pretty! You and your home! I love the way you have created such beautiful spaces. Everything looks so good. I am amazed at your energy and ability to get it done. Slightly organizing and decorating days are pretty non existent.

Pamela said...

Beautiful, Christa!!! You have a wonderful gift in making a house a home!! And your baby bump is quite adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

DotBlogger said...

You look stunning.
And your house is so... cjc!

Fancy Winco.
Ha! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and you look adorable. Can't wait to see the guestroom/office with murphy bed. I still think Carter should finish the geerage for the drum set. Just saying.
the mom.

The Whalens said...

You are lovely Christa! And your house, which I want to see. But I want to see you more. :)

Rachel- Once Upon a Farm said...

You are such a gifted homemaker, Christa! I love your white dishes, niner display, fun pillows, bathroom jars! It all looks so good! And as always, you look adorable prego!