Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here is some more progress to report. We finally have the mirrors (remember when I found these bad boys for 5 bucks each?!) and light hung in our dining room. I have plans to paint this room still and I've decided to make it a bit dramatic! We've kept the wall color schemes quite neutral in this house. That way, I can add in pops of color with accessories and such. But, I say! (in me best British accent), have some fun with at least one room!

In this room, I aim to paint an almost a mermaid/emerald green on the top 3/4 of the walls and then add a board and batten molding look (inspired by Thrifty Decor Chick) to the bottom. My hubby even suggested painting the ceiling in the same green, only making it super glossy. He's got classy taste and we usually decorate well together, except, uhhhh, when we don't.

I am loving this IKEA light (always looks like a big dandelion wishie to me) that I've seen sooo many places and it's probably "so last season", but I don't care. It brings a sense of whimsy to this space that works well with the formal look of the crystal and mirrors. Oh, and by the way, I found those lamps in our local Re-Store, BEFORE they were even priced and placed for sale. Yup, I go snooping sometimes.

Okay, I wasn't really scrounging around in their store room. I just happened to be walking by and caught a glimpse and asked how much they would be. The nice sales man told me 9 dollars a piece. I said, "SOLD!" and promptly bought them. This was before I had a house or even had an idea what to do with them. The shades date them, unfortunately, so I'm keeping an eye out for some replacements.

I had plans to paint a design on the green in this room to make it look wall papered, but now I'm re-thinking that plan. Do you see why? The light makes shadows dance all over the walls. It is so fun! One day they are snowflakes, another day flowers. Today, I overheard the shadows referred to as large spiders. Ewww. My little guy calls them "fans" (he's obsessed with fans).

Anyhoo, here is my life in stages, friends.

~christa jean

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Kathi said...

I like your ideas Christa Jean. Isn't it fun to decorate. I used to be so afraid to do it, for fear of making a mistake, that I left everything blank and boring. I'm getting braver and trying things. Have a wonderful Sunday. Kathi

Danielle Renee said...

Yowwer! Does that hang low?