Thursday, October 6, 2011

Long time, no see!

I've been putting off posting for a while now, not because I don't have anything to say, quite the contrary! I have TOO much to say and TOO little blogging time.

Since my last post, I had a baby. Yay me! Hence, the other reason I've been procrastinating. I wanted my first post back to be his birth story, but, alas, every time I think about sitting down to pen it, I get lost in thought about it all. I am still processing the whole experience.

So, as I drag my feet on that, let me just give you some photos to browse.

Here is the newest little man, born at... honestly, I don't remember what time, on August 27th (four days after my birthday, what a treat!). He was 8lbs, 13oz. and had a big noggin!

Welcome Baby Isaac!

They come out of the womb with such razor sharp little nails! Poor little face! But pretty blue eyes. Hope they stay that way!

Baby Bros. Big brother is very protective of him, but tries to pick him up when I'm not looking. So, I look.

Here he is, chillin' to tunes on Gracie's keyboard.

Now we come to some randomness. I look at these photos and chuckle. This is what you do when you are SOOOO done being pregnant. You paint random objects about the house. At least, that's what I did.

We found this chair at the GW years ago. I thought it might need a little "livening up."
This is the color I was gonna paint in our master bedroom. Decided to try it on a chair instead.

I don't much love the finished product, although, I think it's unique and even a bit whimsical. I have a pearlescent glaze I may paint over the aqua... not sure yet.
This cute towel stand was originally black (drat that I forgot to take a "before" shot!). I like it much better white. And I *heart* spray paint! It makes me happy.
I used these pom poms at a baby shower and then decided they would be super cute in my girls room. Makes the ugly ceiling light almost unnoticeable. Fist pump!
My youngest two girls sleep on the bunks. They each got to choose their own comforters from, can you guess? IKEA, of course.

This is my oldest's sweet bed. Can you tell that the walls are pink? I chose a pink that almost looks white. Love it! Still pondering what to put on the bare walls.
We finally got our "gallery" started in the hallway. Still waiting on the boy's photos.
Here is another paint project that I neglected to take "before" pics of. It was black, much cuter as white now.
Pour me some cold milk and give me a brownie. Perfection!

We bought this island at IKEA as well. The front is super cute, with lots of white drawers that, now, I'll have to take a photo of.

Here's my Hunka Hunka Husband attaching the top of the bar. I love him to bits.

I think I'm gonna paint the barstools something unexpected. Maybe cobalt blue.

The finished product!
This is me, right before baby was born, very large and too tired to put make-up on.

I am trying to model this new hairstyle that my sis showed me. My husband said I look like Pocahontas from the 70's. Not sure if that's a compliment?

This hairstyle is super easy. Just pop an elastic head band on top of your partially dry hair, all hippie like, then begin twisting portions and tucking them into the band, pulling them down under. It's best to twist away from your face. Wrap all the way down to the back and let dry. I braided the rest of my hair so that it would have that twisted look also.
The back looks like this! It's even cute enough as is to go out in public.
Couldn't get a great shot of the finished result (you know, the old "taking pictures of myself again" routine), but trust me when I say, it's an easy do that gives you flirty waves!

And that's that for now.

Be back soon!

~christa jean


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Janelle said...

Congrats on Baby Isaac! I'm like you... I haven't posted a thing since we had our baby Isaac, either! (Seriously, my hubby's name is Abraham and my maiden name was Isaac and so when our son was born July 6, we named him Isaac, of course! :)) Blogging has to wait...

Danielle Renee said...

I love love love that Pocahontas hair style. I definitely going to try it. I don't know if my hair is long enough though.

Leah said...

Baby Isaac is a dream! What a cutie, congratulations!!!

LOVE that chair!


Eliesa said...

Love the pictures in your gallery wall - gorgeous shots! And LOVE the chair! Thanks for stopping by my blog - glad I've found yours now too :)