Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Bling For the Home.

So, I've had these really tall candle hurricane holders for a really long time. Really. They are really, ridiculously tall. And I really love them. The problem I keep running into is, I can't find candles that don't look teeny inside of them. At least, not any that fit into my budget! I finally found some tallish candles for half-off and snatched them up. They were still too short! I thought that I would try to use some grey river rocks from my yard as filler, but all I could picture was my candles wobbling all the time.

Then I had a moment of brilliance... what if I were to buy some pure white sand and add gold glitter to it? Off I went to the craft store!


The kids really enjoyed digging their fingers in the sand and glitter mixture to combine them. But, boy, did that sand put off dust everywhere!


The cool part was that the glitter clings to the side of the glass and thus gives the illusion that the candle is floating on glitter!


I like glitter.
A lot.
I wish you could see how sparkly it really is.

Every room needs a bit of glamour.

I may go back and add another layer of the sand and glitter to raise the candle up even more. Then, just maybe, I wouldn't have to stand on a stool just to light 'em up!

What would YOU have filled the holders with?

 ~christa jean~


The Everett Family said...

So pretty! I get ideas from anthropologie. They always have candles in hurricanes. I have seen coffee beans, lentils, wine corks, rocks, and rice. Oh and moss. :)

Ula said...

What a brilliant idea... I am moving into my new flat tomorrow and think something similar may be appearing in my lounge room