Thursday, April 3, 2008

Creation complete!

For all of you holding your breath...


It really looks best on a neck, not lying on a piece of paper (although it is lovely paper!)
I put it on last night and wished I'd had a tiara on my head, I felt like royalty!

~christa jean


DotBlogger said...

Well take a picture of YOU wearing your royal creation so we can get the full effect of the piece! :) Are you selling this?

christa jean said...

That would require me to get all cutesied up and who knows if I can fit that into my schedule!!! ;-D
Yes, I am selling!

christa jean said...

Me again! I'm trying to figure out how to display my current for sale items without bogging my blog down with pics... hmmm

jennifer said...

The necklace is beautiful!! I read the above post too. Your little girl is very talented!