Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Okay, maybe I like this thing too much!

This thing called blogging.
You know you're a blogger when:

~You stop right in the middle of something, run to get your camera while thinking, "This would be great blog material!"
~You take pictures of silly things like food and lamp shades (when my camera's charged, you'll see...)
~You lay in bed thinking about what the next blog title will be!

What can you add to my list?

Maybe some of you are wondering about how my scheduling attempts are progressing...
I'm wondering too.
Well, I'm all for it still, we've just had some interruptions and I am only on chapter 3 in the book!

My oldest daughter reminded me today that I had previously said we could read her Bible every day. Dang it! She has a great memory! So, I said, "You are right, we should be having a Bible story time every day. I'm working on a schedule for us and next week I am going to implement it." Now I've done it. I've committed myself to have one ready to go on Monday. And I will be reminded of it, I'm sure. ;-D

Sweet dreams to all.
~christa jean


Brenna said...

christa, consider yourself tagged. read me post for today.

The Vertner Family of Beaverton said...

So I'm not the only one with the "best laid plans!" If we keep making it a goal - one day we'll get it done and keep doing it the next day... and hopefully never stop. Praying we both get that one figured out!