Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Joy Sprinkles All Around!

Today my baby boo boo is not so baby anymore...
Today she embarks upon the adventure of 2 years old!

She has her own way of doing things, like galloping when she wants to get somewhere. She has a fetish about balls and belly buttons and will ask any stranger if she can look at their "button?" She is NOT shy at all and will reach for any person to hold her, even sitting in a stranger lady's lap at the library. She almost always wakes up happy and singing. She is loud, but it's usually a boisterous laugh, not a scream. She loves to wear dresses and high heels and fake jewelry. She loves to snuggle down with a crocheted blanket and read stories. She loves to love.

She is loved.
sweet sisters

cinnamon stick eyebrows

dimple cheeks

mommy snuggles

happy 1st birthday!

little pumpkin
all cheese all the time

beautiful baby

cupcake success!

Happy Birthday to my Joy


DotBlogger said...

Happy Happy Birthday Joy Joy!

Liz said...

Very, very sweet little baby.

Birthdays are so sentimental for the mommas. (sigh)


Brenna said...

Precious boo boo bear!

April said...

I love all the pictures! I got blog to its justice27.wordpress.com, its not as cool as yours I havent figured out how to make it all cool yet!