Friday, May 23, 2008

Random Weirdness

Every once in a while I have these questions... they are questions of great import, quintessential to my existence. Here is one I've been pondering of late:

Why does it seem that I have a back-up or reserve bladder? I use the restroom and then 30min. to an hour later feel the urge once again! Why?

Har Har! I'm sure the answer is that I've had 3 babies and my body is just weird now.

What irks you about your body after having birthed children? I'm curious.


DotBlogger said...

My feet. I used to have narrow, 6.5 feet.

Now I have size 7 and my toes look all spread out. I gained a lot of weight so I think my feet adapted to hold me up.

I don't think about it much until the summer hits when we all start wearing flip flops. I see ladies with narrow, toes together feet and mine all of a sudden look


Youthful One said...

Oh my.

My most vain complaint about my post-baby body is the pouch of flab where my once most-sexiest FLAT pre-baby tummy used to reside.

My more common complaint (well, inner grumble, at least) is with my lower back. Sure makes me feel old to have constant lower back pain. I'll blame it on the pregnancies, but I know it started before them. I'd trade it for wider feet any day. :D

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

ok... there is that baby pooch that litterly looks like there is a rubber band because it doesn't work gradually into the rest of my tummy.. yucky... or maybe its my cups... found my bra from our wedding - a B cup.... currently F... do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent DDD cup (f = DDD)... yea that bugs me

Brenna said...

The most irritating thing is that my bladder control is practically nil. If I laugh too hard, sneeze, you name it, I tinkle. Also, my cup size went up. Contrary to popular statistics, I liked being small up there. They never shrunk back!

Youthful One said...

I personally don't mind having a larger cup size (I barely filled an A before), but it's the lack of elasticity that bugs me. I really don't wish to become like one of those cartoon old ladies with cleavage at their navel.

Anonymous said...

I have the tinkle when I sneeze thing too, and I wish my cup size would of gone up the only thing that went up was my pant size. I do think my hair is darker though. And today I was aproached by acomplete stranger with the coment "Oh you have to be pregnant through the summer" My 20th diet starts tomorrow!! Wish me luck Luv to you ladies. Tawnie