Friday, May 23, 2008

I need some inspiration...

I know when I get asked this question everyday, "Mom, what are we doing today?" that someone is bored and needs some more consistency.

This was one of those days, where that question was posed to me more than once and my answers were inspiring, like "Just stuff and things, okay" (I'm sure I had a hint of irritation in my voice). I decided the best cure for not knowing what to do is to get outside!

Here we are, the Stroller Brigade!

It was slightly chilly out, but I didn't care. We went up and down the street, each pushing our own stroller (mine was considerably heavier than theirs!) and I'm sure my daughters learned an important lesson in strollerizing the neighborhood!

Stroller Etiquette:

  1. Don't let your baby fall out!
  2. Don't roll over the neighbor's flowers!
  3. Don't run over the neighbor's dog!
  4. Don't talk incessantly to the neighbor we've never talked to before about random facts he probably doesn't care to know!
Here's me, after pushing Joy up the hill

I look rather gaunt and un-fashionable with no make-up on. I was wearing a long skirt, a cute one, but still, I'm sure some of the neighbors were thinking "There goes that crazy homeschooling family".

I usually think it is so dorky when people take their own picture. You can always tell when they have because the picture is too close and at a weird angle or you can see their arm... this will be the first and last picture you see of me taking my own picture. Just wanted to show you how tired and uninspired I looked.

I get into such a rut with my homeschooling sometimes. It's then that I wonder what can I do differently? Maybe I just need to buy some curriculum. Or maybe I need to schedule my days better. Yes, on that last one. But I do like not having to search out and buy a potentially expensive curriculum. I truly loved the "Joyful Home Schooler" and ate up every word. She suggests just learning to love life in many different ways, using the library as the main resource. I am not totally against buying a curriculum, I just haven't found one I love yet! Maybe by this next fall I will have decided... (I keep saying that!)

I forget what's important sometimes and then I read an inspiring post like the one over at superb Julep's and bonk myself on the head! DOH! We should be learning about God! I desire wholeheartedly for my daughters to hunger and thirst after Him.

We have done studies on the Fruits of the Spirit and the Armor of God and I loved them.
So, maybe that should become my curriculum again. Studying the great ladies of the Bible, the Love chapter, etc.

Jesus is the BEST inspiration!

And J.C. I wanna read that book after you!

~ christa jean

P.S.!!! I'm soooooooooooooo excited for next week's surprise... you'll see!!!


Youthful One said...

I'm telling you, that book is much more than I had bargained for. I'll be delighted to loan it to you, but it may be some time before I'm done with it, as the back end is full of curriculum and unit study recommendations. Seems to me it I saw it on WCCLS too. Yup, I just checked - it's home is Hillsboro main branch, even. (If you can't wait.)

I'm getting ready to post more excerpts from that book that have really shocked and enlightened me about the history of education.

I agree - structure (MOTH-esque) is the greatest recognizable void in our home. Every day even a vague semblance of it creates in me a (sometimes violent) passion to instill it immediately. We'll get there - the sooner the better, of course. I'm not saying we have no structure whatsoever, but I'm realizing (as you note in this post) that my kids are begging for serious structure as much as I am. (They just don't know what it is that they desire.) ;-D

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I loved that pic of you... with out your make up and a weird angle, that one... I LOVE it and you look beautiful!

Youthful One said...

Oh HEY! I meant to say that too!

(Got me on my soapbox again and I forgot.)

Even huffing and puffing without makeup, you are truly beautiful! If you hadn't said that you were exercising, I would never have guessed. It really is a GREAT pic of you.

And you did a pretty good job of eliminating your arm in the shot too.

DotBlogger said...

I love that picture of you. Cute and natural.

I, too, am anxious about buying a curriculum. Every year I say "maybe next year". I still haven't read Joyful Homeschooler and want to. Maybe I'll borrow yours.

Good job getting your girls out in the cool brisk air. There are tons of adventures just outside these walls!

okay, it's next week. What's the big surprise!?

Amy Nike Chick said...

Hey Christa Jean! Love your blog and your pics of you are gorgeous!!!