Monday, June 16, 2008

I awoke

I'm so glad I did from this dream. It was disturbing.

I dreamed I was walking through IKEA with a friend, when I went into premature labor. Luckily IKEA just happened to have a birthing tub.
I gave birth to 3 babies.
The first was not fully formed, it was about the size of the babe we lost in February, dead.
The second was deformed, with it's brain on the outside of it's skull, dead.
The third was small, with white goo coming out of it's eyes, but alive.
I took that third child out of the tub and cradled it, saying "Don't worry, you'll be okay".

I awoke.
I find that my dreams are often pictures of my fears.
But I know that was the Lord's voice in my dream, saying to me
"Don't worry, you'll be okay"

~christa jean


Sustainable Juice said...

I agree pregnancy dreams can be interesting and down right scary sometimes. One thing to remember is that it could have nothing to do with your pregnancy and everything to do with whats going on in your life( internal workings of the soul). Plus if your eating pickles and whip cream it could also causing some crazy dreaming.

Youthful One said...

Oh, you're right SJ - pregnancy dreams can be so vivid and so different than other dreams. Why is it I (we?) dream more during pregnancy - or at least wake up remembering more?

I'm glad you woke up too - that dream gave me the chills. However, my first thought was the dream's possible interpretations - maybe God has more in it than we can see from the outside. Pray and see if He reveals more, or if He confirms it's just the weird cravings. :D

ames said...

I had a bad dream during my nap and was so disturbed when I woke up it was hard to stop thinking about it. Thankfully I can't remember it now, 12 hours later. But this isn't a rare occurence when I'm pregnant, and definitely one thing I'll be happy of being gone after the birth.
Love your blog sister. Thank you for the comments on mine too!

Tiffany said...

When we have had one bad experience, it seems our minds torture us in ways we never would have struggled with before. I pray that the rest of the pregnancy will be blessed with peace and hope.

DotBlogger said...

That dream makes me sad. I'm sorry that you had it. But I like your interpretation-that God is speaking to you that you'll be okay.
May the Lord continue to speak to you through dreams, but may they be happy, secure, non-frightning dreams.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible dream! Prayer over your bed, pillow, sheets, blankets, and your room will help alleviate it. Satan wants you to stay scared and he is cowardly enough to attack you while you are sleeping. Don't give him the opportunity! MAKE him stay away by turning your eyes upon Jesus! The more you think about it, the more Satan wins.

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I almost never remember my dreams except when I'm pregnant... and I always figured it was because it's harder to be comfortable between growing and raging hormones, so we don't get to the deep sleep - we dream more in those lighter sleeps, and, thank you hormones, they can be odd dreams. But Dot is right, don't have fear, lean on the Lord. I'm praying for your peace, inside and out.

Kelli said...

I am praying that this baby is formed correctly and full-term with no complications!

No more Bad dreams in JESUS NAME!!!

Be blessed