Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Prairie Girls

When you get the call from a friend who says, "Hey, I have a huge flat of strawberries, wanna make some freezer jam with us?"
The answer, of course, must be "Yes!"

I have never made jam of any kind, nor have I ever attempted canning, but yesterday was really fun and I'm thinkin' I may like this! I know I am a pioneer girl at heart, I do make my own laundry soap, thanks to Tiff! Hold it now, I'm not trying to make myself sound better than I really am. No, I have never ground my own wheat to make bread, and I do my washin' in the washin' machine, thank you. Soooo, maybe I'm not much of a pioneer girl, but I like the thought of pretending I am, just a little. I do have long hair and like to wear flowy skirts (not denim jumpers!) and read Little House every day.

In true Little House fashion, my friend TLC and I got our kiddos together to whip up some strawberry jam. Only we cheated a little on the recipe, and, um, we didn't have bonnets on.

Wash those slugs off, literally.

Then mash em, smash em with a smile on your face!

Even boys like this part!

Aren't these little jars adorable?! Great for gifts.

Now, the best part, enjoying the fruits of your labor!

I just had to make scones today to er, uh, test and make sure the jam had set up well. I savored every bite.

Mmmm... I may have to go have another.

~christa jean


Tiffany said...

Yummy! I want one. You KNOW I love scones:) Did you (mostly)use the Little House recipe? How fun.

DotBlogger said...

Yum and fun!

christa jean said...

Yes you do, Tiff, and I even grated lemon zest into them this time, so they were extra yummy!

Well, actually, we totally skipped using that recipe and just used the instructions on the back of the "no cook pectin". It set up in 30 minutes and we thought that would be easiest for our first time at jam-making. But the Little House book was where Tawnie got the idea from...

The Everett Family said...

What a fun day!