Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Urge

Sometimes I get that decorating bug. The itch to change everything!
Unfortunately, that does not fit in the budget.
So, I scratch that itch by re-arranging, adding new accessories, paint, or new furniture!
When that new furniture happens to be free, I'm giddy!

To set the stage, I must explain that when we moved in just over 2 years ago, I knew exactly what I wanted in our Master bedroom. Serene robin's egg blue on the walls and brown accents. We gave it a slightly exotic flare with a fake palm tree (it actually looks kinda real, not cheesy) and a big wicker ceiling fan that looks like it came from the West Indies. Two years is a good long time to stick with a room decor, right?! I know I won't change my decor as much as I change my hair color.

Here's a peek at the only corner in my room that is clean right now!

Wellllllll... as much as I have liked that look, I'm ready for change!

The first bit of change started when we found two lamps on clearance for $15 a piece, including the shade, at Target (properly pronounced "tar-jay", so frenchy ;). These lamps are lovely black and white floral, yet not so exotic looking.

Mm-hmm, I feel a-change a-coming! The next thing to do was to move out my heavy blue and brown comforter and switch it with a white down comforter that was hiding in a closet. That may seem too heavy for summer, but it's not really that full, and it's white which brightens up my room immensely! Next, I shopped in my house to find a couple black and white throw pillows. Good, yes, slowly tying in the black and white lamps!

I started to feel like black and white and blue (with mostly brown furniture still) was not punchy enough, classy yes, but I do like a fashion trend here and there! I kept envisioning hints of yellow in the room... then I saw this pillow... see the big green leaf pillow (click on the photo of the white couch to see it). I wasn't about to pay almost $40 for that pillow cover that only fits a "specially sized" insert. So, I got the crazy idea that I could make one on my own. In yellow, with paint. Yep, I'm crazy! I'll show you a picture of that tomorrow.

Back to my bedroom. We found a free dresser on Craig's List and picked it up on Saturday. It is a really light oak color and kind of contempory... not my fave style, but was used minimally and is in great shape. And I have some more crazy ideas for making it my own. I'll show you the before picture tomorrow as well! As for now, must get back up there to finish organizing all this... at least it's all folded and ready to put into my new dresser!

my bedroom has seen better days


Youthful One said...

Oh my GOODNESS you are so very brave!

Posting messy bedroom pictures and all...

Hey I saw somebody make pillows like that - it was on a home show a couple of years ago - Maybe Surprise by Design or whatever the backyard one was that was on just after it... Anyway, it was certainly do-able! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I'm more likely to move furniture than decorate. As most are aware, my decorating skills are lacking - much to the dismay of my mother, I'm sure (just retired from Custom Decorating as a career). I've been itching to move furniture lately too - and we just started today. What a breath of fresh air it brings!

christa jean said...

Oooh! I love those decorating shows! And "What Not To Wear"! It's probably a good thing we don't have cable, I would have to exercise restraint.

I agree with you, shuffling furniture around does give you that exhilarating feeling and a fresh new look to any room!

Youthful One said...

Well, we no longer have t.v., so whatever I remember from those fun decorating shows is at least 3 years old... But, you may be able to find the details of the episodes online (in case you run out of ideas or how-tos). :D

The Everett Family said...

I can't wait to see your new bedroom! You have an eye for decorating!