Monday, July 7, 2008

The Urge, Part 2

Here is the lamp that started all the trouble. It doesn't look like a trouble maker, standing there so lovely like.
The candle usually looks yellow, but not in this picture. And the candle stand? I just glued a dollar store candlestick onto the bottom of a cute little black and white plate and ta da! Instant and cheap decor! Anyone can do that! There is something peeking out from behind the lamp... I was trying to hide it... it's the old dinosaur of an alarm clock that dear hubby's had since he was 12 or something. And it's U.G.L.Y.!

Ahhhh, my bed has re-surfaced! Doesn't it look fresh and clean now? Not sure how long it will stay white with little sticky fingers around, but hey, I can always find another comforter hiding in a closet, right?!

Here is the close-up on the painted pillow. I got the urge to do it and do it I did, however foolishly at midnight the night before my sister's bridal shower. I found this plain pillow at Wal Mart for 5 bucks. I bought yellow fabric paint (not thinking it would turn out so neon!). I had a tropical leaf sitting around and so I just traced it onto the pillow. Not a lot of genius really, just paint craziness, I guess.
Because it was midnight, I started to trace the leaf with a pen... duh, you can't erase pen! I quicky switched to pencil, but found later that pencil doesn't erase well off fabric either. Oh well. When I get around to it I'll paint a second coat on it and try to cover it up.

And finally, the new dresser! It is so very plain looking, but remember I said I had big plans for giving it some flair?! Oh yeah! Not sure when I'll get to it, but you'll be the first to know!

The knobs are not on it yet, partly because I think they're ugly, but they will go on soon so I can actually wear my clothes. Speaking of clothes, when before my clothes were jammed into my 5 drawer upright dresser and I was constantly getting rid of them, thinking I had too many... now, I see that I obviously don't have enough!
I have 10 drawers, y'all! And I need to fill them! ;-D

If you come over to see my bedroom in person, please just look the other way when you walk by my closet!

~christa jean


Apple Joos said...

Shhh, that whole "fate" thing... Let's keep that between us. ; )

Niina said...

You make me laugh. Midnight, starting a project realizing it is in pen, switching to pencil and then realizing that won't work either. Oops, it's the story of my life. The life that God has redeemed. I am sitting hear with a stomach ache, probably because I ate to much rhubarb cake, I wonder over to your blog and all I can do is laugh. Hope your day is good. Let's meet soon. We are usually at 1045 on Sunday so if you wonder into the 'cry room' I am typically there. Will also be at Mom's in the Park. Blessings, Niina