Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What is yours?

I've been kinda confused lately...
I took a quiz on Facebook to determine my "Love Language" and got a result that was not what I thought it would be.

An example of one of the questions was:
"When you have a crush on someone, you...
  • Help them with some chores
  • Try to be near them
  • Try to be around them all the time
  • Figure out what they want for their birthday
  • Tell them

I interpreted "crush" as when I love, appreciate, or have affection for someone and chose option 4 ~ Figure out what they want for their birthday.

That gives me the greatest thrill, to give a treasure that was desired. I have this weird ability to hear what a person wants and hide that information away to be used at the opportune time!

The quiz determined that my "Love Language" was "Receiving Gifts"

Now not having read the actual book on the "Five Love Languages", I'm slightly confused... I like getting gifts, but am not sure that that is the way I feel the most loved... but that is the most obvious way I show it... hmmm

Anyway, I was wondering if you know what your "language of love" is? Do share!

Here is the list:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Physical Touch

What is Yours?!

~christa jean


Youthful One said...

I think my love language has changed slightly over time, but number one has to be Quality Time. Which is why I drop other activities so easily when the opportunity arises to hang out with someone I value. It's also why I love games over movies.

From all the reviews I read on the facebook love language application, it sounds like it doesn't work properly. I chose not to add it because there were too many negative reviews.

The book, however, I'd highly recommend. It was required reading for me in premarital counseling. It's great for discovering how you receive love as well as how your loved ones interpret love, and how best to love them the way they receive it.

I've just been revisiting this myself lately, now that my older kids are, well, older. I was asking E the other day what he appreciates the most, and it was great to have him be able to articulate what communicates love to him. I'll still do the other things, as some are so natural anyway, but it's nice to have a bit of a blueprint to work with. :D

Liz said...

Hi Christa!

Yeah the questions on the Facebook test were so confusing that I didn't know how to answer any of them. I've always wanted to read that book though. I think mine is words of affirmation but my husband would probably say that it's slave labor. Haaaaa!!!!

I need to get that book.

Love, Liz

Youthful One said...

Just for fun I googled 5 Love Languages and found THE website of the book that has a 30 second quiz:


Discover Your Love Language is a link on the front page there.

christa jean said...

Ha Ha, I googled it too and took the quiz but was left feeling just as befuddled! I wanted to check them all!

I guess I'll just have to read the book.

Michelle said...

I have the "Five Love Languages" book, as well as the "Five Love Languages of Teenagers"...they're both really great reads and I'd highly recommend them! I guess I'd have to say my #1 love language is definitely 'Words of Affirmation'.