Friday, August 8, 2008

Christa needs...

This is so totally random and so totally funny!

I stole this idea from another
blog because I have too many things on my mind to post about and not the semblence of mind to make sense of them yet!
Hahaheehoho, I can't make sense of my own mind!

You have to try this yourself! Google your name and "needs" and then write the first 13 things it says!

Sooooooo, Christa needs...
  1. HELP! (I totally agree!)
  2. to not be judged if she is evil or not (that would be lovely, thanks!)
  3. to be put to death NOW! (whoa! I'm not ready for that yet!)
  4. to realize that despite the disappointing action, she is still deserving of friendship (amen)
  5. us (I do!)
  6. to find out all she can about her potential customers--and her competition (too funny)
  7. home movies in order to reconstruct her personal and familial past (so that's what I've been missing all along ~ home movies!)
  8. one 3 pt.major to finish her AKC Championship! (I am already a champion!)
  9. a computer wiz who will come to my home (that would be helpful)
  10. to go (I do always have to go)
  11. someone genuine (I hope to be that in return)
  12. a permanent family (okay, that one really made me cry, the link took me to a page about a foster girl who is 12 with C.P. who really needs to be adopted. I'll take you!)
  13. to take the proper steps everyday to achieve her goals (I love this last one, it's so true! I love it more than the real 13 which said I needed to spend the rest of my days behind bars)

Totally weird, and a little creepy.

Go ahead, try it!

~christa jean


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

so fun!! I'm gonna do that

christa jean said...

My favorite one was actually for my hubby:

"Carter needs... help with his pants"

Tee hee!!! That made us giggle.

Liz said...

Oh my gosh--this is CRAZY! I did it and it's CRAZY! I'll do a post too! How are you? I haven't been blogging (or blog reading much) busy!

Christa Jeanne said...

Haha, I got tagged with the same meme, and it looks like you already did the work for me! Thanks! :)

Wow, another Christa Jean out there - good thing I spell it Jeanne, huh? Still... weird to think someone else has the same name. Your parents had excellent taste!

invertedtime said...

I was doing the same meme and this came up as the second link. How funny :)

-Christa Jane