Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coastal Camping is CRAZY...

Unless you are on some exotic coast, far away from Oregon.

But we did it anyway. And probably won't do it again for a very. long. time.

I really don't like sleeping in a wet sleeping bag with rain drip drip dripping on me.

At least we got some fun pictures!

Oh, and campfire buns, which are the most ingenius idea EVER!

Okay, and friend time too!

Is that a smile?!

Crafty girl!

Don't let the look of sunshine deceive you, it only lasted for a morning

I swear that helmet never left her head

His signature pose... squishy face!

Dudes with style

The kids owned that campground, riding in their bicycle gang up and down the street all day long.

Note the helmet

Mr. Handsome, sittin' on the tailgate of his old pickup

~ christa jean

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Youthful One said...

Gee, it wouldn't have been much, but we could certainly have loaned you our pop-up camper. At least your sleeping bags would've been dry. We loaned it to the Vertners last year. Let me know if you are interested next year. No sense in missing out on the memories of bike riding, parading, and campfire buns! (We sure miss doing the same with you all.)