Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The winds of change are ever blowing upon me it seems.
Right now it is not such a gentle breeze. More like a tempest I'd say!

Everything around me is changing. I'd like to say that I'm changing on the inside too. That will be better judged in hindsight I'm sure.

Here is the most obvious change:

I'm being overtaken by this belly!

I'm not being a braggart when I say that all of my pregnancies have been relatively easy, just stating a blessed fact about me. I've never thrown up, nor gained tons of water weight, nor had elephant ankles. But just so you don't think it's all been a splendid walk in the park, I do have huge stretch marks (goodbye forever bikinis!), and I do get horrid heartburn almost daily.

But here's a new thing! This is the first pregnancy in which I've felt that my whole upper half is going to come exploding through my pelvis any minute. For the last 2 months, my pelvic bone has felt as though it would like to split in two. This, of course, makes getting up, rolling over in bed, sitting, and all other motions that require me to move my dairy-aire, extremely painful. I've got the pregnancy waddle down to an expertise and I still have 3 months to go.

Three more months?!!! How can I endure this till the end!!!

I think of others who have to be on bed-rest, are still throwing up at my stage, are horribly sick and I know I can't complain. Much.

This photo is on my fridge and I use it to keep me in check. Daily.

Love it.

Times are changing. I can only cling to this truth:

"But as for me, I trust in You, O LORD;

I say, 'You are my God.'

My times are in Your hand..." (Psalm 31:14-15)

~christa jean


Youthful One said...

LOVE that Mary Englebright!

MUST have a copy of that for my fridge!!!

It may not be any comfort, but I know EXACTLY how that pelvic bone feels. Been there, done that, at least the last two times, maybe more (I can't recall now). It's a painfully familiar feeling. If I remember anything that may help relieve some of the pressure or pain, I'll let you know.

Youthful One said...

And that belly is SO very cute!!!
It fits you well. :D

Jenny Kay said...

Oh how I know that pain. It's wonderful to be filled with life but the pains are sometimes not so wonderful.

Love ya!

ames said...

I feel ready to burst too. And waddling and rolling out of chairs like a person in a big plastic sumo wrestler suit. (But not in pain about it....sorry for you.) However, I have so many things I want to get done before baby comes that I'm not hoping for any early appearances just to get rid of the least SHE's contained, hahaha, unlike my other fiesty little darlings. ;)

DotBlogger said...

Changing times, indeed. I cannot wait to meet your son!

Kismet said...

You look beautiful, and I can't even see your face!!!

How wonderful that your children are so gentle on your body. I can't imagine trying to keep 3 kids and a household in order and be running to the bathroom every 5 mins (or more in some cases).

I hope those things at least don't change for you for awhile anyway.


Kathi said...

Christa-Jean, I remember those days so well. I was like you, with the heart-burn. I felt pretty good otherwise. The other thing I remember is nearly falling asleep at 2 a.m. on the toilet, on ONE of my visits to the bathroom. I think I was up and down every 2 hours and craving sleep. It is so worth it, but it's a challenging time as well. I'm so happy for you expecting your new little one. Hugs, Kathi

la Welch said...

You are so cute! I love you blog! I plan to begin incorporating more Jesus-y blogs too ;) haha....seems that I've been a bit distracted lately by a few other things....not a very good excuse :) You rock! You're so cute and prego. I can't believe it!

Liz said...

You poor thing. It seems like the hips go on strike by the 3rd or 4th pregnancies y'know?

I had ridculous pain and found some success in getting into water and working out while I was there. (Easier said than done) but if you have a YMCA, healthclub or anything near, I used to go to the pool and actually exercise with the anti-gravity. Getting in water is awesome. But working out to keep some semblance of strength in your legs/back/pelvis is way better. It used to buy me a decent 48 hrs.

Also, a good chiropractor. A GOOD one. Hips get so jacked up in pregnancy that you might need to go a lot but it's worth it to be in alignment because babies get (and stay) head down and then tend to come out faster. Watch out!!!

Do lots of stretching

That's my best advice! Hope you feel better. You're getting there!!!

Love ya,