Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You know you're a perfectionist when...

~ You organize your husband's t-shirt drawer by color.

~ You have to leave straight lines when vacuuming.

~ You get irritated at the kids for putting their fingers on your freshly washed windows!

In my opinion, perfectionism is a curse. And thankfully, I have mellowed out a bit.

I do not color coordinate my husband's drawers anymore, nor do I leave perfectly straight lines when vacuuming. I do, however, get cranky when I see fingerprints on my windows. And I do still like order and everything in it's place and some other anal qualities that I won't mention. Ahhhh, yes, I am still a work in progress. A recovering perfectionist, I suppose.

"A-hem... my name is Christa and I'm a... Perfectionist."
There's got to be a group out there for people like me, right?! ;-)

What would you add to my list?

~ christa jean


Kathi said...

I used to have perfect vacuum lines too. I think I'm in need of a little more perfectionism now. I've become too loose and the kids are following. We've become too messy. I think balance is needed. It's cute that you used to organize by color. Happy Tuesday, Kathi

Aisha said...

I have a friend who is but she was also trying to mellow down. I kinda like it and wish sometimes to be like one.

April said...

Christa you are so great!! this made me smile. I am so much like that to :) I always find myself lining things up from smallest size to largest! like my bathroom things, hair spray, etc...out of control. My jewelry to, has to go from longest to shortest!! AND I found you on etsy today....so excited!!

The Everett Family said...

I got rid of "the list". No more to-do's for me or "honey do's" for my husband. It's a conscience reminder for me not to live for the list but for the people in my life.

Jenny Kay said...

I wouldn't add to your list. I don't look for your faults! :) Love ya just the way you are.

christa jean said...

Ha ha, Jenny! I didn't want you to point out more of my faults!!! I wanted others to add to it ~
"You know you're a perfectionist when..." and you fill in something silly that you do. ;-D