Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have a disorder.

But you knew that about me already, didn't you?! (picture me crazily cackling right now).

I like ice.
I really like ice.
I really like to crunch on ice.
I can't go a day without eating 2-3 glasses full of ice.
I've eaten almost a whole bag of ice in the last week.
Are you apalled, astonished, and amazed?
My disorder is called pica.

This urge only comes upon me when I am pregnant. It is an indicator that I am mineral deficient. If I wasn't mineral deficient then I would be considered mental. I'm not sure that I'm not really mental ~ I do feel that way some days, oy! But I'm looking on the bright side of this. I could be worse. I could eat coal, soil, feces, chalk, paper, soap, mucus, ash, glass, hair, wool, urine, blood, wood, gum, or myself incessantly. Other's with pica have done so.

OH! That just makes me wanna gag!

Contents taken from the stomach of an inmate who suffered from pica.

Vitamins make me wanna gag too. I swear my throat starts closing itself as the vitamin is searching for the way down. But vitamins I must take and this I will do. I don't want all my teeth to fall out, nor do I really enjoy the brain freeze headaches I get from a cup full of ice. Mmm, ice. Crushed ice, I love you.

Somebody slap me!

~christa jean


The Everett Family said...

Feces,ash,glass,wool,mucus... SERIOUSLY??? That's so gross! Stick to ice will ya??

Jessica said...


Hello from Cousin Jessie...

I really like your blog. You inspire an old mom like me. Have you tried chewable children's vitamins? Those gummy bear vitamins are REALLY tasty! I have to be very firm with myself that they are not for grownups. And there are these chocolate vitamin Ds that are for adults that taste like tootsie rolls.

Feel good and love to the family!

Crystal Goostree said...

Have you ever tried liquid vitamins? That is about all I could handle in my pregnancies. The smell of a vitamin pill was enough. :)

Tiffany said...

I think fresh turned soil smells good enough to eat. Apparently some african tribal women make little balls of mud to keep on hand while they are pregnant specifically for this. When this strikes me I eat mushrooms or potato peels and it helps. It doesn't happen specifically when I am pg. But I do like ice chips when I am pg too. That might be because I am barfing so much I am dehydrated.

My sister's friend craves biting thin glass. That's not pica.

Thank God you have a freezer huh?

SuperDave said...

Can I catch Pica? I could stand to lose a few pounds. Maybe Tiffany can give us a receipe for Mud Balls! I want a notice when you go to the hospital. PS: Now I have the song, Ice-Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice stcuk in my head. May I suggest the name, Ice for the baby? I gotta cut back on the caffiene...

Sustainable Juice said...

I bet those mud balls have lots of minerals in them!! BTW I have a small bag of super moms and cod liver oil to give to you. I just seem to forget every time I see ya.

Mica said...

Oh Lord... that is weird, kinda gross I must add. Hope you are well, keep the ice going. if you ever feel like sticking anything in your mouth other than that and it happens to be something gross, pleasa call 911 or tell someone to slap it out of your hand. Hugs to you. See ya soon, Mica

Janelle said...

I used to have the same problem. I became an ice connoisseur! I loved ice in all stages! The amazing thing was it never hurt my teeth. I took (still take) a liquid mineral called Essential Minerals from a company called New Vision. That worked the best for me, pregnant or not! My husband used to make me eat a spoonful of blackstrap molasses before I'd gorge on ice. (It's high in iron.) I haven't had the problem in years now and now ice freezes my teeth! Yeow! It is no imagined disorder!