Monday, December 1, 2008

He brings beauty from our pain.

I recently had the privilege of "meeting" a wonderful gal named Megan.

Megan lost her son Macsen at 37 weeks gestation. He had a knot in his umbilical cord. It has been just about a year since her precious boy flew from her arms to Jesus' arms. That same sweet Jesus has been holding her in His arms and healing her heart over this past year. Through her pain, she found purpose. She now creates memory boxes for mothers grieving a loss. Her boxes are beautifully decorated and filled with treasures.

She decided she would celebrate Macsen's homecoming this year with an Auction. I was able to donate a jewelry set from The Christa Collection with love. My sis donated some super cute aprons (can you make me a maternity apron?!).
All the proceeds will go toward this ministry that God has placed on her heart to fulfill. Read this post of hers to find out more about it and pray for success. Oh, and pop on over to her blog to say howdy too. You won't be able to leave there with a dry eye.
We are all travelers together on this sometimes weary road heavenward.

I also recently tried to win this book "In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me". Alas, I was one of about 80 other bloggers trying to win it too! The author, Lynette Kraft of Dancing on Weathered Ground, just released her story of pain and healing and what a story it is. She is mother to nine children, three of whom are with the Father now. Here you can read a synopsis of her story. Have your tissues at hand.

He really does bring beauty from our pain. These two ladies prove it to be so.
I pray God will use me in such ways as well.

~ christa jean


Sustainable Juice said...

That was a beautiful story. I cried through it all.

Kathi said...

Magan's story is so sad. I visited her and read her whole story a few weeks ago. It is amazing that God can bring beauty from pain. He does, and this is such a mystery, but so wonderful. I'm so sorry for her pain, but so glad God is healing her. Kathi