Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nine Years of Lovin'

Today we celebrate 9 years together!
We've come a long way from those crazy honeymooning days.
Our love is deeper now.
It withstands life's hiccups. It grows stronger through weak times.
We have seen each other at our worst and chosen to love still.
Now, here we are, 9 years along the road, 3 pretty daughters, 1 babe in heaven, 1 boy child about to show up, doing our best to follow Jesus as He leads us to our real Home.

On our honeymoon in Disneyland!

This past Saturday we decided to go out and goof around town together. I mean it when I say goof, because that's what we are now, quite a pair.
We began our Anniversary Festivities with the most romantic and exciting stop... Target. We stopped in to pick up some diapers candles and maternity lingerie... ahahahaha! Our next stop was really special ~ the Post Office.
Then we headed over to one of our favourite places in the area, Bridgeport Village.
I am extremely fortunate to have a man who loves decorating and home improvement projects. He also likes to shop with me, and what better fun than browsing at Z Gallerie and dreaming about material things?

Sharing a plush bed with a mountain goat.

I lust after this green velvet couch set. Green with envy for sure!

Hubby decided I needed an upgrade on my diamond ring. I chose this size.

Ho ho ho, my posh new earring line.

Perfectly fitting for the Christmas King.

Then it was time for the anticipated event...
A 30 minute couple's massage at the Coldwater Creek Spa.

The attendant leads you through a door, past water trickling, a passageway to relaxation. You are robed and slippered and taken to the Relax Room. Sink into the luxuriant chair while warm wraps encircle your neck. Slip your feet into a eucalyptus soak, sip your delicious mint tea with a hint of chocolate.

Now, this is where it gets comical. One of us, who will remain un-named, understood the attendant to say it's more unhindering to be nude under the robe, while the other understood her to say choose for yourself which is more comfortable. So, as we entered the massage room and were given instructions to remove our robes, crawl under the down blankets while the massage therapists step out to ready themselves, the giggles broke loose. We could barely stifle the laughter when they returned and the soothing music began.

I kept hearing my husband talking throughout the massage. Bits and pieces of his words kept floating over to me, things like "my back's a minefield" and "you're finding all the owie spots" and "Hey babe, how's it going?" I mumbled something through my drool and thought, he must be nervous or something.
Then I couldn't stop thinking... it is really hard to quiet your mind! I had to tell myself a few times to desist from composing blog posts in my head! Stop already, sheesh! And then the dreaded heartburn decided to make it's appearance and the baby starts to hiccup and kick my ribs... well, at least the first 20 minutes were great.

We were led back to the Relax Room for more tea and neck wraps.
I highly recommend this spa. I have had a pedicure and a massage now, and they were worth every penny! I would go back this week if I could... it's that good.
They gave me a thousand dollars to say that. ;-D

By this time we were famished and drove to Outback Steakhouse to feast. We were given a $50 gift card to this restaurant and free babysitting, all from our lovely babysitter. She really is a considerate and giving gal. What a dear!
I wouldn't say we were totally impressed by their food, but it wasn't bad and it was free!

We concluded our evening by catching a video at home, during which I promptly fell asleep on the couch. The perfect ending to a romantic evening!
Next year I won't be pregnant and maybe we'll be sailing on the French Riviera!
Wherever we end up, we'll be one more year in love.
~ christa jean


DotBlogger said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Everett Family said...

What a fun day! Good Job celebrating :)

Tiffany said...

What a fun and treasured day of pampering for you to remember together:)

Sustainable Juice said...

I am willing to bet any amount of money I have, and if necessary, material possessions that are worth $$, that Carter is the one who ended up naked at the massage parlor.

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