Monday, November 17, 2008

Pantry Raid!!!

My ingenius friend Tiffany came up with the idea to do a before and after showing of our pantries (not panties). This, of course, causing us who wanted to play along to have to clean up our pantries!

Luckily for me (or not so luckily), I don't have a true pantry in my house. Those items that would look lovely in a pantry, are all spread about in different nooks and crannies.

Also luckily for me is the fact that my house has to be extra specially clean and organized right now, due to it being on the market and people calling to walk through at any moment. I have to assume that those very people will open my cupboard doors and medicine cabinets and look in my closets to see what they can see, right? So, I went crazy organizing about a month and a half ago and now my cupboards and "faux" pantry look great!

Here are my after pictures...

This is out in my laundry room. I love these shelves! I store most of my hospitality goods out here, not a lot of food items. Although, I do have some bulk items in that little closet, like a huge bag of dried organic dandelion leaves that I don't even know why I bought and don't know what to do with now. I'm sure it was for some home remedy that I was going to brew up (cackle, cackle).

This cupboard is in my kitchen and looks mostly nice. Every time I go to IKEA or the Container Store, I want to spend loads of money on canisters and bins to make it look even nicer! I loved how Kathi's cereal bins looked in her pantry, she found those at Winco. I have another small cupboard for more spices and another cupboard with cooking/baking items in it. Oh, and that one other cupboard with snacks... I didn't want you to see that one, because it is empty of food and full of candy from the Harvest Party!

Here is a look into my tea and coffee cupboard. Ugh! I despise the insides of my cupboards (built in the 70's), but the outsides are a nice creamy yellow. What I really wanted you to see are the new tea containers I found at IKEA. I love them!!! I used to have a little tea display box for when guests came over, but it only fit a small amount of tea bags and then this cupboard would be full of the leftover teas in their boxes, flying out at me every time I opened the door. I may need to get a couple more of these boxes, because I was out of my favourite teas when I filled these.

Here is the closeup look of these little bins. Love em!

And that concludes the tour of my "faux" pantry for today.

Thanks to Tiff for hosting the Pantry Raid!

~christa jean


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

What a beautiful laundry room!

Would you be willing to share how much those tea containers cost? I LOVE them! and I can totally relate to the bursting tea cabinet...

Nette's Treasures said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! ... wait did I read your house is on the market?? are you leaving p-town or just a better home? anyway, I love all of your containers. I really love glass jars and the tea bins. I am going to have to finally crack down and weed my pantry and closets (those terrible places we hide the mess when company surprises us. ;) ). I have officially been inspired. Thank you so much for your insight also over on my blog. Truly appreciated. :) have a lovely day :)

Tiffany said...

I love the tea containers too. They look alot like a tea box someone gave me once, but mine isn't clear. They look great! I looove your yellow cabinets too. And I think it looks cooler that they are wood inside.

Sorry I didn't have the Linky up yesterday. It is up now just in case you want to link.

Liz said...

Hi Christa,
I've been so busy I'd forgotten blogs existed. (nearly). And dang... I missed the earrings. That'll teach me. So when are you due???

christa jean said...

The tea containers from IKEA are $4.99. I found one in the "As Is" section downstairs that had a crack in it. It had been marked down to .75 cents!