Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Poo Poo Chronicles

I've had four children in six years and each time I've said to myself, "Self, I will not be changing two sets of poopy diapers!" I've had great intentions to get the older child potty-trained before the next one arrived.

I thought my third girl would be the easiest! She actually began going potty on the toilet around eight months of age, due to a horrendous rash, yada yada, long story. But earlier last year, after all the upset of lost baby and other issues, I got lazy with her. I also blame the fact that I was pregnant for over a year. Yep, that's right! I was pregnant from November of 2007 to January of 2009... kind of... with only the month of March as the exception. My one and only menstrual cycle was on April 1st. Hahaha, April Fools to me!!! Okay, sorry to be talking about menstrual cycles (hi, SuperDave!). Let's get back to talking about poop.

So, here I am with an almost 3 year old who used to poop on the potty who now poops in her diaper and I love my life. All facetiousness aside, I really do. But I really don't love changing two sets of nappies.

My brilliant husband decided we needed to begin giving praise/rewards to said almost 3 year old for some extra motivation. He remembered what we used to do with our second daughter... that was, to let her blow out a candle after the poop ended up in the proper receptacle. I've never been one to use candy as a reward, so the candle was perfect. They really do get so excited about it and talk about it all day long!

Three cheers for hubbalicious for remembering this! I guess after 4 children, your brain really does lose cells. Will let you know how this story plays out as it has only been 5 days of doing this. Wish us luck and less money spent on diapers!!!

For your viewing pleasure, a video that Gracie loved as a baby in training.

~ christa jean


SuperDave said...

As a grandparent, I have been there. I had 3 little ones and it can be overwhelming. But the really fun days are coming. As they hit the 8 and up era, fun abounds. From going to the movies to just being at the park. Hang on young Padawan.

Youthful One said...

How you made it through first trimester while changing poopy diapers is beyond me. That's always the worst for me. That's why my eldest became adept at changing diapers at 4 years old. :D I frequently would get started just fine and then the smell would hit my already woozy tummy and I'd have to yell for help and run to the toilet. (I did discover I could often keep myself from actually 'losing it' by running cold water on my hands and smelling something much nicer.)

I've never used the candle method. It's been years since I've even heard of it. Sounds like a really great idea! We did do stickers on a large wall calendar that worked really well for a couple of my kids. (One of my kids, however, told Gramma flat out, "I don't want a sticker.") Every child is motivated differently. I'll be anxious to hear of your success.

The Everett Family said...

Fun times indeed. I just tried a round with Ms. E and she just isn't ready yet. It sure makes it easier when they just decide to do it for themselves!
Here is a favorite song of ours.... Poop Goes in the Potty!