Monday, March 16, 2009

Poo Poo Chronicles UPDATE!

If you remember me blubbering back in January about this, then you'll be happy to hear of our progress... and I'm sure you've just been dying to know, haven't you?!

We have now been accident free (during the day) for almost a week!!! Joy now tells us when she has to go potty. She got to pick out her very own pack of panties from the store and she was very thrilled.

What really worked? Probably a combination of things. Hubby and I totally tag-teamed to get her to the toilet Then we did dorky things like sing and dance crazily after she would go in the toilet. Can you picture us singing "Happy Poo Poo to you... " blowing out candles, and clapping our hands loudly in the bathroom daily? Yeah, that's what we did. And it worked.

So, now you know.

~christa jean


Amy Whalen said...

Only another mom who has potty trained knows the true feeling success and joy behind this post! yay for you!

Sustainable Juice said...

I think this "happy poo poo" song will be a hit over at my house.

SuperDave said...

I remember when my children were potty trained and off baby food. You can go thru the grocery store and pass by the "infant asile". I felt like I got a raise. But now I kinda miss those days...Where are my little girls.

Tiffany said...

I'll be tackling this soon with one reluctant boy. We talk about going peepee in the toilet and he strongly asserts that "Yes, I make bubbles with peepee. But I don't go poo in the toilet." Yikes.

And, yes, I am this far behind in my blog reading!