Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Less is not more.

Golly gee, I really did not intend to fall off the edge of the blog world.
Is my blog doomed to fade away into nothingness?!!!


This is such a strange time of transition in my life and I can't seem to find the time to waste hours on the computer like I used to!
But, I have been working up a juicy post for a bit now and will unveil it soon.
It's not a continuation of my story though, sorry. I've lost my momentum on that one.

As I go, I leave you with my newest observation...

I now know why little tiny baby men who suck on boobies and play with mommy's hair grow up to be big men who love boobs and long hair.


~christa jean


Youthful One said...

Your title is even more interesting in light of your final comments on this post. :D

Sad to say, I had the same revelation with my first boys too. That and the revelation of why it was always recommended to drink warm milk when one is finding it hard to go to sleep. (Which I can't say I've ever tried.)

Makes me wonder if bottle fed boys are more likely to become leg-men or, because of their deprivation as infants, more likely to become boob obsessed?

I've missed your bloggy-ness, but am content knowing it is worth the wait.
(And knowing a small bit of what it is like to make a major move, raise 4 kids, homeschool, nurse, train, etc.)

Delighted to see you again.

Stacy Dean said...


I just found you on the Bloggy ARound the world site and voila! I love your blog. So cute. I'm in portland so, go Oregon woot!

Anyways, It was nice to (blog) meet you~!

The Everett Family said...
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The Everett Family said...

Oh my gosh. You're a nut! I am confused though... what happens if you only have girls??

Sustainable Juice said...

LOL, Yes the many observations you have when having a boy. Its ok to have a bloggie break once and awhile.

christa jean said...

Hahaha! KK, I suppose girls can be obsessed with boobs and hair too... pure speculation... not speaking from experience. ;-D

christa jean said...

Uh oh, I hope I don't get a lot more traffic just because I said the word "boob" on the web...