Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Would you fall to pieces in the High Country?

I know I would.
Let me give you a peek at some glory. The pictures below are just a hint of what I see weekly here in my little part of the world. If you ask me how many pictures of pink mountains I have, I won't tell you. ;-D Because, for some reason, I keep taking pictures of them!
The following four shots all happened in the same day. I was meeting a friend for an early coffee/chat/prayer date and saw this...

Look real close (above), up in the right hand corner is the sliver moon again.

My favourites. And it all happened in seconds.

These are mere glimpses of what is to come.
He is good and He shows us daily, if we are awake enough to open our eyes.
Keep our eyes wide open, Lord.
~christa jean