Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Am Loving This!

Here are a couple pics from The Nester of her random plate wall. The arrow is pointing out the out-of-place oval plate she saw after she took the picture.
Uh, I might have missed that.
I will probably do something akin to this in my next home. I like to copy people who are brilliant (and frugal) decorators. I have no shame about this, for we all know that imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

And here she reveals her tips on how to hang them plates on the wall. Thank you, Nester! Especially from those us who get stuck in symmetrical, you've inspired us!

What are you inspired by when it comes to decor?

~christa jean
p.s. I can only seem to get the before pic to fit, but you can imagine what it looks like when she moves the oval plate to the bottom left... perfecto!

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The Everett Family said...

I have always loved the pagoda light fixture too! It has been cool to see the Nester's style evolve. Miss you!