Sunday, March 27, 2011

Double Trouble

Twins have been on my mind. Seriously.

I am already very poochy belly and only 17 weeks.
I started feeling this baby (or babies) move at 8 weeks.
I know a few people who have had twins in the last year or so.

And then my midwife said the words, "You are measuring 4 weeks bigger than you should be. I'd like to schedule you for an ultrasound."

Soooooo, last Wednesday I get my 32 oz. of water ready and the kiddos and I head to the library. I was told that I needed to have all my water guzzled by 11:30.
Fine. No prob.

I'm just dinkin' around the library and happen to look at the clock... 11:35! Oh no! I had only finished 8 oz.! I quickly chugged all but 4 oz. (just couldn't do it!) and finished my water by 11:4o- ish.

I dropped the kids off at my sis-in-law's for some cousin time and headed up to the hospital to meet Carter. Of course, the first question they ask is, "Did you drink your water?" to which I promptly reply, "Yes."
They didn't ask me if I had finished it by 11:30, so, no lying on my part!

We head back to the exam room and I lie down on the table, praying that the gel is warm. Cold gel is NO fun on a nice, warm belly.

The ultrasound technician (super sweet gal) squeezes warm gel on my belly and smiles. She measures the head first and finds that, indeed baby is 17 weeks.
Note, that I said baby. There is only one.

For a brief second I felt sad for this... what an adventure twins would've been! But then reality check hits me and I remember that I already have four. God knows what I can handle and I thank Him.

Why was I measuring so big? Not sure, but my theory is that my uterus just goes into "done this drill before" and so, pops out the day I realize I'm pregnant.

Back at the ultrasound, Tech Gal says that baby probably won't cooperate because of it's position and we'd have to see the sex a different time. Sigh.
I think she could tell we were disappointed, so she had me get up, relieve my bladder (THANK you!), and move around a bit. I climbed back on the table and she took some face pictures. Sweet, little face that looks like a skeleton.

She jiggled baby's legs a bit and then, voila!
We saw it.

The third leg.

That's right, friends. Eliot get's himself a baby bro!

I had to sign a waiver stating that I understand this is NOT a guarantee and that said Tech Gal could have been mistaken about the sex. You know, just in case I think I wanna sue her if she was wrong. Puhleeeeease. Who does that? Well, someone has or I wouldn't have had to sign it.

Speaking of Eliot... didn't I just have him?
I feel like it. I still recall that day and all that surrounded my home birth like it was last month. And now I'm going through with this again?!!!!
I crack me up!

Ohhhhh my.
Well, if you don't mind a few more "Pregnancy Blatherings" then feel free to read along.

~christa jean
p.s. Once I troubleshoot why my phone isn't syncing with my laptop, I'll post pics of the infamous belly.


The Everett Family said...

Congratulations! Boy oh boy, your going to have fun. I am happy for you. Love to the Cheston gang.

Brandon and Karen Lewis said...

How fun for the whole family. Congrats to all of you!