Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Vintage Christmas

Everyone needs a white Christmas tree. Just my opinion, really.

But, ain't it so cute?

The ironic thing is that we bought all of these old ornaments at a garage sale. A garage sale in Shelton. We didn't even live in Shelton, nor had ever entertained the notion that we might someday live here. We were visiting my in-laws and we just happen to like bargains. We spent probably $3 on the ornaments. I LOVE me a deal!

Sweet little handmade doll. Tacky plastic ornament. So cool.

Cute, and kinda kooky, little choo choo.

Vintage glass balls in apothecary jars. I like apothecary jars. A lot.
I finally got around to papering the back of my hutch. I found this damask paper in the dollar section of Target and I think it looks FABULOUS! Thanks to Colleen, my fellow bargain-lovin' friend, for the tip!

I like it so much, I may keep it up all year. Or, maybe just a loooooong time, 'cause it was a pain in the patookie (whatever that is) to put up.

Bling for the drawer.

Found these glass door knobs at Anthropologie for 10 bucks for the pair. Did I say I LOVE me a good deal?Happy Christmas!

~ christa jean ~

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Megan said...

What a beautiful tree and I love the look of your hutch. You, my dear, are a WONDERFUL decorator.
Very inspiring!