Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Take time to breathe...

We had a lovely weekend up in Washington State visiting Carter's family! They have a very large house with a large amount of property for exploring, riding bikes, sitting by the fire, and much more. And there's always lots of good food that I didn't have to plan and shop for! ;-D

It was a much needed break, a chance to clear my head and just breathe. I love that we always get lots of prayer while we are there too! Carter's parents are great that way.

this will be so cute in black & white

the cousins!

i love her freckles

yes, her signature pose again


anticipating S'mores!

Oh yeah, baby!
(he's so hot!)

~ christa jean


Tiffany said...

This looks super fun and relaxing!

I couldn't see G's freckles in the picture, but I know they are there and I know they are cute:)

So how is today going? Sometimes that kind of thing refreshes so you can get right back in the swing of things. And sometimes it refreshes in a way that makes it shocking to jump back in!

How well I know each.


Brenna said...

Sounds like ya'll had heaps of fun. How nice to just relax and be.

DotBlogger said...

I'm glad you were given the opportunity to 'breath' since that is what you needed. God is a great provider, eh?

Your fam looks cute and happy.

christa jean said...

Thanks for inquiring Tiff! Today, I tried to clean a bunch of stuff and kinda got grumpy with the kids. But tomorrow's a new day and maybe it will be better.