Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Surprise endings are always best!

Darcy TOTALLY Rocks over at Graphically Designing! We've been collaborating and came up with this lovely new look. I have a bit of re-arranging and filling in to do on the sidebars still, but isn't it Fantabulous?!!!

I wanted to have my shop page over at Etsy linked when this went live, but I am having technical difficulties with that. Hopefully by end of week you'll see a cute little button that you can push that whisks you away to viewing pretty baubles!!!

It feels like my life is finally coming together... ha ha, not really. But it does feel nice to have my own pretty blog and soon my own jewelry page.

Do you approve?

~ christa jean


Sustainable Juice said...

this almost makes me want to sign up to get a blog facelift. It is a beautiful layout.

Brenna said...

It's absolutely Christa Jean, 100 percent. I love it! Don't you love Darcy?

christa jean said...

Don't I look EXTRA boobular in that pic?! I love it, even if it's not true anymore... I can look back to a happier time.
Tee Hee
I was pregnant in that pic and sitting like that must've forced them up. Okay, enough about my chest. Oh, how I mourn them.

DotBlogger said...

Love the blog. Love the boobs. (I really did notice them!)

Tiffany said...

LOVE IT!!! I noticed the boobs too:)

Hey, I tried to get into Darcy too. Must have been after you because she wasn't taking any new projects. I keep checking back, but she has still been closed.

So one day, hopefully soon, you'll see a new look on mine too.

In the meantime I will SO enjoy looking at your gorgeous place! And look forward to your Etsy shop also.Congrats! xoxo

Liz said...

Pretty! That's funny--I thought it suited you too and then I realized... how well do I even know you? But maybe I pegged ya right?

About the boobs.... ;) so what is the ethical time lapse for posting pictures of ourselves anyway? I know a gal who has a picture of herself that must be 25 yrs old, plus! haaaaa!

Thanks for your comment on my "fear of man" post. I really think coming to that dark place may be the "saved through childbirth" that scripture describes.

I think I'll do a facelift on my blog when the CD is ready. :O


~fellow DDD (at one point) ;)

The Everett Family said...

Beautiful! I knew you must of been pregnant in that picture! Your face and arms gave it away. (LOL)